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How long do you work on Fiverr in a week?


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It is really interesting to see some people write on their bio that they are available 24/7. And I could never imagine working 24/7. I would not have time to spend all the money I would be earning.

P.S. I know there are some agencies on here in which people work with shifts, I meant individuals.

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Being “available” 24/7 doesn’t mean you’ll be “working” 24/7.

Personally, I’m available 24/7 minus the time it takes my body to do that “sleep” thing. I have the awesome Fiverr App, so I’m even available on the go.

Also, all of my orders have a 24hr turnaround for any job that takes me 4hs or less to complete.

That doesn’t mean I’m working every waking hour, but that I’m good at organizing myself. I may get an order at night just before I’m off to bed, check what’s involved and plan appropriately to deliver within 24hs.

I also make good use of the “VACATION MODE” in case I see I’m getting overwhelmed. Worst case scenario, I end up working 12 hours one day because a lot of orders arrived while I was sleeping and I didn’t get to activate VACATION MODE. But that’s never happened to me so far unless I planned for it.

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