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Do not worry just be patient and keep sending offers to buyer request option


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Are you new in Fiverr.com or joined long before but still could not get any buyer?

I am also new at Fiverr.com. I have created 5 GIGs at starting and got many views, impressions in 2 of them but never got any buyer of doing promotions of my GIGs in social media. But I was randomly sending offers to all those buyers who have requested service in buyer request panel and yesterday was my first day while I got my first client from buyer request.

Something you need to understand about how to get buyer soon as a new seller.

Do not do aggressive promotions of of your gig on social media platform because it will increase views and impressions of your gigs but will never manage client for you. another thing too much views and impressions with no sells can give you negative reactions. while somebody seeing that your gig has views and impressions but no sells then they are losing hope from you.

So do only buyer request then be patient. whatever if that buyer is not interested to buy your service but that person has visited your gig

In buyer request you will also get idea about what people are demanding that you are not offering.

Do not forget that 20 buyer request everyday will be most helpful then promoting in social media.

And obviously keep practicing your skills till you get first client.

Thank You!!!

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