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Buyer doesn't care about my feeling


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Hi everyone…

It’s really tired these day, was a hard time for me.

I got some orders and buyers don’t want to give me enough information and want me to do a good job. Some buyer asked me to do with a really hard requirement so i said that " i will try to do with my best but if i can’t i will refund" they agreed but then asked me to do again and again - and didn’t want a refund…they said "do it or get a negative review"

When i asked Fiverr Support to cancel the order - they (buyer not Fiverr support) sent me a message that something like i’m a lier or stealer…bad feeling…

Is there anyone know how to solve this problem?


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Easy to say for me, since I’m “just” a buyer, but I too have to sell. Outside fiverr.

It’s a fact: “You can’t please everyone!”. There’s always a certain percantage of people who either want to rip you off - or even want to cause trouble for their own ego’s sake! You know, even the old communist or fascist dictators never had 100% approval - they alway put something like 99.6% or 97.8% to make the faking less obvious!

Something I had to learn for myself and later learned this is even harder in the asian culture, with the ideas of “face value” / “face loss” so dominant.

If your gig-rating is above 95% (or even 90%), buyers might take a look at the others’ comments. Majority of them being happy, there’s no reason not to buy! Plus you get a chance to put your explaination under a negative comment.

I’d absolutely advice you to have the courage (it’s a western form of face!) to stand up for yourself and say "Stop right here, no more, f*ck you!"

Sad for a seller, but i think that Fiverr sort of has to have a bias for the buyers. After all, they bring the money and make sellers happy.

And well… your post made me check your gigs, and if I ever need some design, yours are likely to be in the selection!

Head up, Go for it! You’re a business lady 😉

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@junoteam First of all I would not say anything like this to any buyer. “I will try to do with my best but if i can’t i will refund” This is setting bad expectations. This means from the start you are setting the buyer a low expectation for the gig and they are almost expecting you not to do it. Secondly you are giving people an immediate opportunity to refund without resolution first.

I would make it explicitly clear what you do and do not do. On the order page for your iphone app I would make it as clear as possible about exactly what you do. The description is confusing to say the least and I would definitely remove this:-

“you can cancel the gig but plz NO NEGATIVE REVIEW 🙂 -” that is the last thing you want on your order page. People are going to be asking before they have even ordered why you are mentioning negative reviews and again are setting low expectations.

If you set clear boundaries with your gig description and detail in a few steps on the order requirements page exactly what you require from your buyers you will avoid a lot of issues.

Regarding your communication with support. I do not think support would use language like that and I think it is a misunderstanding.

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Reply to @markp: Hi, yes, for some requirement i know i can’t do - for sure! some buyer ask for the really high design - that i know i can’t do 😦 that why i told them - i think i can’t do that => but i want them tobe happy - so i said “I will try to do with my best but if i can’t i will refund”

“you can cancel the gig but plz NO NEGATIVE REVIEW” => some new buyer don’t know they can get back the money if they don’t like the design - that why i wrote

I do not think support would use language like that => buyer not Fiverr support

But thank you anyway!

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