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How much Money Indian are making on Fiverr?


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I want to know from Indian People only who are on Fiverr how much cash do we get from fiverr in India, Indian Paypal also deduct some money as conversion fee + withdrawal
Today 5 US Dollar equals Rs 339.70 so

Can any one share how much do we get exact money in our bank account …

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Recently I withdrawn $596 and I got 39,028 so its around $1=65.48

But I use Payoneer to withdraw my Funds. Because paypal fees & conversion rate is not that good compare to Payoneer.

I have withdrawn many time using paypal but the conversion rate never crossed 64 even if the dollar rate is over 66.

So I think payoneer is better than paypal.

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Totally agreed!

My experience with paypal is similar too. The deduction and conversion rate is not worth when you are working in a micro marketplace with small revenue.
Better to use payoneer which gives a best conversion rates. Recently I’ve withdrawn twice in a month and the conversion rate was above Rs.65.

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