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Guest matt_garry

Reply to @oldbittygrandma: that is a great way of thinking I always try to promote peeps if I have the chance too ( show someone a gig that I am not affiliated with) or help them with fiverr rules.

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To send unsolicited electronic mail or messages simultaneously to a number of people


Spam is just that, unsolicited, you didn't ask for it, like the flyers and such that you get through your mailbox, I never once heard anyone say "oh goodie more junk mail!" (unless they were being sarcastic)


Spammers know exactly what they are doing.... They want you to buy their product / service


RULE 1: Don't engage or communicate with the spammer

RULE 2: Report it

RULE 3: Rinse and Repeat


^ Those are my views, you guys are free to do as you please, but engaging with a spammer or troll only makes things worse, the best thing to do is ignore them.


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