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Happy holidays Fiverr Community! What are your New Year's Resolutions? :)


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I joined Fiverr a few months back (June 2015) and it has been a wonderful experience (of course, with the occasional bad days but who doesn’t have those?).

I’ve met a lot of wonderful buyers and sellers from different parts of the world…
Honestly, it’s been really amazing and I’m so glad I’m part of this community. 🙂

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?
What are you planning to improve on this 2016 for your Fiverr business or perhaps just for you as a person?

For me, I would like to work on my time management skills. I hope that works out for me!

I hope all of you enjoy your holidays!
More power to the Fiverr community and I wish you all the best!

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HAHAHAHA, love it!!

Let’s see…I don’t smoke, I don’t plan to smoke…I don’t do video or online games…I’m already silly, so what to do, what to do…

Fiverr resolution:

  1. Get some orders for my 2 newest gigs ( still no sales, so fingers crossed)
    2.TRY to be more patient and understanding towards some people
  2. Know when to take break.

Personal life resolution:

  1. Stay in shape
  2. Stay positive
  3. Improve my handwriting (I can draw, but my handwriting sucks!!!)
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