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Sound alerts for every new order , query or message on Fiverr?


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Last night I got a message in my inbox and the buyer asked to complete his task on urgent basis as he agreed also to pay me extra on extra fast service. But at that time i was busy in completing another task. So I was unable to check my inbox, neither i got notification. I finished the task, uploaded it and signed out. When i again sign in back in the morning i saw the following message for urgent work. But unfortunately it was too late then. The buyer gone… 😦

When i saw the time of the message i noticed i was online at that time. Due to not refreshing my page or not see again my inbox I lost the opportunity.

So now i wanted to know if there is any sound alters available , then how i can active them on Fiverr for any new message and order?

Also how can i auto refresh Fiverr without pressing refresh button? As we see in our email account we got an alert and new message appear in our Gmail inbox without refreshing the page.


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Yep, your phone will beep, buzz and vibrate with every single message, review and other update. It’s useful for situations like yours, although sometimes when everyone seems to be messaging/ordering/updating, it’s incredibly annoying and distracting!

You can also keep your email inbox open. I use Gmail, which on Firefox as a pinned tab has a white glow to indicate that you’ve received an email. OK, that’s all your email, but it’s an easy way to keep tabs on messages and orders without having to refresh all the time. Dunno if this works in other browsers/email websites though.

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