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A Neglected Tip To Increase Your Sales Exponentially


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Hello Fiverrers,

If there’s a sure-fire way to persuade and influence, it’s through authoritarianism.

I don’t mean that quite as literally as I have written it, though to some extent I do. We are all seeking ways to grow our Gig analytics exponentially. The problem is, we want that now, without putting in the long term work, without the authorship, without authority.

The secret is authorship and authoritarianism. Let me explain.

By authoritarianism, I mean authority. An authority is someone you perceive as knowing something that you don’t know. That’s all. That’s why we are powerfully influenced by marketing campaigns touting academic study, pseudo-scientific jargon, and authority. If you want to buy a book about Influence and Selling, say, you might be met with a product identifying itself as ‘The authoritarian guide…’ I find that funny.

By authorship, I mean something like linguistic craftsmanship, artisan authoring, or crafty copywriting. All you have here on Fiverr is language: visual language, in the form of images and videos, and symbolic language, in the form of writing and copy. I offer a resume writing Gig, which is something I do in the real world as a Certified Professional Resume Writer… so trust me I know.

The fact that you do trust me and believe what I have just written is testament to my claims. (I am really a CPRW, though!) As someone who sells with words, you probably think I’m something of an authority who utilizes authorship. I’m an authoritarian author.

If you want more sales, you have to be that authority. You have to craft the image that you are an authority, and the way to do that is through being an author. Storytelling isn’t always fiction. By storytelling, you are telling the truth fantastically.

How is this advice actionable? Take the time to respond to clients well and properly. Craft what you author. You are aiming to craft the impression of authority. In doing so, you are influencing buyers to believe that you are the one to deliver the services they require. I utilize this technique in my resume writing all the time. If you show to an employer, through text, that you are diligent and intelligent enough to write compelling prose and copy, then, unconsciously, they become biased in your favor.

Write to buyers that way. Both before they buy, during the service, and afterwards. Solicit via Buyer Requests with compelling authorship. Buyers are more likely to, firstly, buy. They are more likely to believe the service you have provided is excellent. They are more likely to leave you great reviews, not just “Outstanding Experience!”. They are more likely to return to you in the future. They are also more likely to refer you to others.

This is THE tip. Write properly. Compose and construct your Gig descriptions. Proactively shift your mindset: you are delivering yourself, and that you have nothing but words to do so. Write thoughtful responses to reviews. Entertain the pre-buy consultation of clients.

It really, really does pay off.

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Your whole premise is correct, but deeply flawed. Besides, a real authority doesn’t flog their shite for five bucks. It goes for free in the form of a digital product carrot (and you go on their mail list), or for $$$.

Poor effort. Stick to resume writing. Authoritarianism? Dude…when creating neologisms, check that they’re not already well-known concepts. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Authoritarianism

That one error automatically invalidates the rest of your missive–as does the blindingly obvious advice which has been done to death by every marketer since Day 1. You need to rip this article up and start again.

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I think what you’re getting at here isn’t “authoritarianism,” but “professionalism.” Professionals are skilled, talented, and make no apologies about their expertise.

I also disagree with what you said about entertaining client’s pre-buy consultation. For me, pre-buy consultation is the exception, not the rule. It’s my goal to do everything I can to encourage a client to buy first and contact me later. Yes, I do provide my best customer service when I’m contacted, but all of the dialogue goes back to getting the buyer to just buy the dang gig. My time is valuable, and I prefer to deal with paying clients.

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“If there’s a sure-fire way to persuade and influence, it’s through authoritarianism.” It was something of a gag, really. I know what authoritarian is. I was playing with author-authorship-authoritarianism-authority. It wasn’t an error, just a performative.

My advice is with regards to persuasion and influence, and aimed at those who are burgeoning and trying to get some traction here. I know a lot of people struggle to foster a presence, and I was trying to present how to approach that kind of problem in a sea of 2 million or more Gigs.

I don’t think it’s blindly obvious to say that people are influenced by perceived authorities, and to tie that to an aura presentable through eloquent copy. It’s known as informational conformity or informational compliance, and it’s a powerful tool that really can close sales and effectively grow your reach.

The power of an authoritative aura is very tangible in the virtual!

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Yeah, I kind of got there was a gag involved, but for me it fell flat on its face. Wordplay doesn’t always work out (and I say this as a hardened veteran of a million puns gone horribly wrong).

I’d really not bother with all this hard work on Fiverr. Put your gig up, cross your fingers and wait for orders. Save this kind of work for your professional blog/site/email list/social media presence where you can actually command decent money without obscene fees in a lowball market.

You only really need to be able to string together a decent sentence and display talent at whatever market you’re in to get sales here. For a logo designer with crappy English, that’s as simple as hiring a professional writer to iron out the inconsistencies (or better yet, having an English-speaking VA who can take care of comms. Is it outside the pockets? Sure, to beginners, but good business requires investment to succeed).

There’s smart ways to use Fiverr, but this ain’t necessarily it.

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