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Grow your Business - Tips for New Designers

Guest ahmedqayyum

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Guest ahmedqayyum

I created my Fiverr Account in January and started working 3 Months back. I was facing so many problems, because there was no order for the first 5 Months. There are a number of reasons for this cause.

Today, I will share what I have done, what changes I have made or what methods I followed to be a Level 2 Seller in just 2-3 Months. Lets get started:

1- First of all you have to give time, when you are going to create a Gig. This is the most important thing that I have experienced till now. Your Gig describes your skills, your experience etc. Gig description should describes your past experience, the projects you have done so far, your expertise, what will you provide in your Basic Gig and other packages.

2- Gig Gallery should contain only those Pictures, which belongs to you. Don’t upload the pictures taken from Google or any other site. Pictures should be of high quality, so that other person can understand whats inside the picture. You can also upload Picture which describes your Gig and other services you are providing.

3- Gig Cover and Video should also be uploaded. As many Sellers don’t pay attention to these things, but Gig Cover and Video have a great impact on the people who visits your Gig. In the Video, you can show your previous work or something like this.

4- Gig Average Time should be set accordingly. If you are a new Seller, then you can adjust it as 1-2 Days, if you are a designer. But 15-20 Days, if you are a developer.

5- In Gig Extras, you can add Fast Delivery, Source File, Unlimited Number of Revisions, High Quality [For Designers] etc. If you are giving maximum time to Fiverr, then you can adjust $5-$10 for extras [For New Designer].

6- You should be very kind with your client. Give them respect. This is the most important thing when you are doing freelancing or when you are in your professional life. Such behavior will make your maximum Repeat Clients. Client/Buyer always love to come where he gets respect. So, give your clients respect.

I hope you have got a number of tips to start your business on Fiverr. You can contact me at any time, if you think that I can help you to grow your business. I have applied all the given tips to get a Level-2 Badge in just 3 Months.

Thank You for your Precious time.

Kind Regards

Ahmed Qayyum

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