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Fiverr Realized me How much its easy to get Success

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First i will thanks Fiverr that due to Fiverr i turned totally to new lifestyle. I take advantage of Opportunities and I takeover them and Proved that i have Potential to do something.

As Last year i Cleared my Software 3rd Semester of Software engineering from total 6 semesters. I was unable to afford the University fee for my next Semester . I just Freezed my Semester and Start Finding the way i can earn Money .

I have no Words to Thanks Fiverr and one of my Friend who just call me and shared his Fiverr Profile and Asked me To Please Join it its Easy way to Earn Money online. Yes ! I just Ignored him. at this time there were only 35 Reviews on his Profile . But just after a 2 Weeks i just opened that Laptop and just accidentally opened his Profile and I shocked about his Reviews Increased from 35 to 129 just in a 2 Week and Best gig Selling was $55 . I immediately call him he was Busy , but he given me time and asked him to please train me i want to work here. I was Skilled in WordPress and he just said Search Other Gig see how Sellers Giving there services just same like that do your own. and Finally in April I joined Fiverr and My Start was not Good just 2 Orders in a Week i think. and After that i Start Adding other 6 Gigs As Well . and a Buyer ordered for Real Property Business Website i Done Perfect with my efforts and my Buyer Was really Shocked because Out put was More then his Expectations he then Give me 35+ Orders and from that my Base was Strong. and Just after a Month I got everything set. My University fee issue Solved. i Un-Freezed my Semester and Started my Study. and What am Right now Am now Planning to Buy Car from Fiverr Earning am 200% Sure i will Buy that soon. i will share my article here as i buy that,

And Now i have 247 Reviews and Still Lots of Orders in Queue.

Thanks Guys

Advice : Working Hard never let you down so never think that you worked hard and Nothing come up. success coming your ways just focus and Give your best. Fiverr is Best way to feel as you are your Own Boss.


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