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  1. Great - Excited for new forums
  2. That’s why i believe we all sellers waiting
  3. I noticed last night and ignored and now its showing again since morning even i visit order page or any other seller profile or gig - everthing works fine but a notice showing on top keep saying: The user account you are looking for is no longer available. But gigs , account all is accessible Capture1174×266 22.5 KB for any seller i click. seems a bug - anyone facing this ?
  4. Yes I am interested - I believe this will boost business for all sellers who join this program
  5. I already tried beta … and it worked for me … got 2 Projects ($250) … and i only spent around $4 in promoting Gig… More Exciting Things from Fiverr… Thank you
  6. Yes i also used this many times and its really cool …
  7. @asifhayat271 since you are on Forums its great place to learn… as experienced sellers are here to help you… if you browse help topic here about fiverr and how it works and how to rank gigs you will understand everything perfectly… it will take time but you will learn step by step for sure…
  8. Than you @sarkar20202 i wish everyone here work hard and fulfill their dreams…
  9. Hello everyone… i hope all of you doing great . I Completed 600+ Reviews on profile and 300+ On Best Selling Gig . Just want to share so New sellers get some motivation. Just a Message i want to share… If you want to achieve your goals while working on Fiverr, it is not that hard… but you need to commit with yourself that you will put every single effort to go through and one day you will feel like you are getting project more than your capacity of handling them… that means you will then think to build a team… so in short keep working hard… keep your research on … keep checking the forums lot of informative stuff here … that helps a lot … especially for new sellers… End.
  10. Yes hope and keeping doing outstanding performing is the next thing… maybe fiverr will look into this in future also about LEVEL system maybe…
  11. Seems … Fiverr still working on it and if its taking long maybe more new UI in analytics coming … who knows… maybe new updates coming … Lets hope for the best
  12. Wow one of the best one TOPPPPPP !
  13. Just checked your gig… Good… You will get orders just try to improve you gig with more professional gig image and description…
  14. I think you can sharing your Gig on Facebook but you cant promote… (I mean paid promotion is not accepted maybe… not sure …)
  15. Its not about Low or high budget order… its all about you making sales… and you will start getting high budget projects if you deliver quality work always.
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