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I can live an easier life in my country thanks to Fiverr!


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Hi! Thanks for reading my story!

I’m very greatful for Fiverr to show up in my life. As a middle-age guy living in Venezuela, is hard for me (and for everyone) to make it up to the next day.

With prices high in the sky, thanks to the government’s so called “revolutionary socialism”, responsible for what we call “black market dollar”, which actually is the right price of the US Dollar; earning such currency instead of my own has given me a much better life.

Working on Fiverr, even for the only month I’ve been here, has granted me the chance to buy better and more food, pay for my studies and transportation throughout the daily basis and buy my soon-to-be wife some cute presents :x. I’m dead serious, even 5$ a day is worth a lot, and I mean A LOT.

I’m currently a Lv1 Seller thanks to my casual clients, I owe them so much.

And I’m really, really happy right now.

Maybe working here will not mean to buy a new car or an apartment, like most of you guys. But maybe it’ll give enough to put it together while I run away to a more promising land.

So, thanks Fiverr

Thanks customers

I’m really happy and greatful.

God bless!

PS: I don’t mean to make you feel sorry for me. Quite the opposite, feel happy, for there are a lot more Venezuelans in this page, working hard and feeling better everyday. And we don’t pity ourselves 😛

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Congratulations to you! I wish you continued success. It’s so great to read the stories of people all over the world living a better life thanks to Fiverr jobs. I know Fiverr has also helped me so much in the USA, and I love my clients from around the world.

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Big congratulations to you on your success 🙂 I live in Canada, and Canadian dollar trades around .77 cents on the US dollar, which means I also benefit a LOT from Fiverr. Of course, as strong as the US dollar trades against the Venezuelan Bolivar, I know it’s an even bigger benefit for you. And congratulations, too, on your mastery of the English language; I know some people practice the language for years and never get past a low-intermediate level.

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Reply to @jamesbulls: Thank you very much, I’m self-taught and I don’t really think I’ve got it mastered, but thanks anyways :D. I really appreciate people telling me my english is good, it makes me want to keep practicing even more.

And about the trades, yeah, right now a single US dolar is worth 630 Venezuelan Bolivares Fuertes, and that rate growns withing the hour. It’s pretty sad, but as a Venezuelan myself, we are used to take advantage from adversity. So, yeah, I’ll just carry on.

Thank you very much for replying to my letter!

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I am so glad to hear that you have been able to live better because of fiverr!

I am new in the forum sharing my story but I am sure that fiverr has help a lot of people around the globe that are struggling to make an honest buck using their talent.

I don’t want to go sentimental but with my fiverr earnings I am supporting myself, my mother, and my sister in a terrible economy in Greece. My mother is cancer patient my sister is suffering from multiple sclerosis for 13 years, plus I have 2 stray dogs to take care of and fiverr is my sole source of income.

I am so grateful of fiverr that words can’t describe!!!

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