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  1. Hello all, for the past couple of weeks I have noticed that when I click the Deliver now button and send the order with the attachment to the client, it doesn’t revert to delivered. I always have to deliver twice now to get the delivery done and the timer stopped. I’m worried this is bothering my clients as they now will get two deliveries in their inbox as only the second one I send registers as delivered on my account. Anyone else noticed this?
  2. I’m still seeing this as of today. I haven’t noticed a change to the order being marked as complete.
  3. This is great to read. I always thought I’d have to have the last word to keep my response up and I was just checking on her what the general opinion was!
  4. You’re welcome @matilda1786 As you are offering a writing service, your writing needs expert attention to detail on your gig descriptions as that all potential buyers have to go on and if they see mistakes in your writing, they will assume you will make mistakes when writing for them.
  5. Hi @matilda1786 Your description still needs work, as do your gig titles: For example: Instead of, ‘I will provide you creative writing service’, you could say, ‘I will creatively write about a topic for you’ and, Instead of, ‘I Will Translate For You, English To Urdu And Vice Versa’, you could say, ‘I will translate from English to Urdu and vice versa for you’
  6. Hi usmanaziz @somaginer1996 is right. This is the Turkish flag. Also, the wording of your descriptions could be improved and the format could be cleaner. Good luck Emer
  7. HI nomisinghaina, @daviddoer is exactly right. There are typos and the formatting could be improved too to make it look more professional. Having clear language and a clean layout means you pay attention to detail, which is what many buyers look for.
  8. Hi, you should look at how each of your gigs is written up and fix the spelling mistakes and inconsistencies as it could put buyers off if your attention to detail is not evident. It might help if you print out each gig page and look at it off screen
  9. Just keep your written language short and simple as it is crucial to have good writing in your gig descriptions when you are offering a writing service
  10. I searched for you and no results were found. You check whether your gigs are live and not pending in selling=>gigs
  11. Hi creativemelon, I took a look at the first gig and noticed some typos, such as I Will Design An Unique And Eye Catching Logo Design should read I Will Design A Unique, Eye-Catching Logo Design. Your writing could be clearer. You don’t need to use capital letters in sentence case here and you should use plurals for more than one revision/concept For example, I corrected this below to: My logo designs are perfect for your business, project, product, studio, company, website, hipster ideas, t-shirts and much more! ##100% Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.##For $5, I provide: 1 Original Logo Concept 6 Revisions JPG + Transparent Image + 3D Mockup + High Resolution 300 DPI For $10, I provide: 3 Original Logo Concepts Unlimited Revisions JPG + Transparent Image + 3D Mockup + High Resolution 300 DPi + Source File + Editable VECTOR file! For $60, I provide: 5 Original Logo Concepts Unlimited Revisions JPG + Transparent Image + 3D Mockup + High Resolution 300 DPi + Source file with Editable VECTOR file + PDF + PSD + Social Media Kit + Stationary Design So, order today! Best of luck with it emgarry
  12. Hi Matilda, somaginer1996 is right: your writing is not well structured, and there is word misuse and I don’t want to be mean either, but it seems English is not your first language. Your description has punctuation mistakes and incorrect words too so you should use simple language instead of trying to insert more complex words that are not necessary
  13. I think that pressing the favorite button is nice and it will add sellers/buyers to a list for easy access, so a complete search for a service is not always necessary and the favorite button is like a shortcut
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