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New Buyer Request feature - Not working well


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The new version of buyer request requires you to submit a bid. However, a one sentence request is not enough information to submit a bid. Please go back to the old way where sellers indicate an interest.

For example:

Request will say "I need a video to promote my product"

Needed information might include:

How long a video

Do you need a script written

Do you want to use special graphics

How many actors


Is music required


Cost could be from $5 to several hundred depending on the needs. And yes, those high end gigs do happen on Fiverr.

Right now I just submit $5 and say to contact for actual pricing when I know the details. I see this leading to lots of cancelled orders as the buyer accepts only to have it cancelled as the scope is not a Fiverr.

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That’s odd, I wonder if what you are seeing is a glitch? If I understand what you mean, it isn’t happening for me that way. If the buyer does put info in like word count (for some gigs) I can use gig multiples to send the correct price up to very high dollar amounts. If the buyer is vague, I just write a clear note in the text field telling them I need more information.

The new system has at least tripled the number of buyers who respond to me, though most message me with comments or questions. I’ve made sales to a few and so far haven’t had a cancellation. I sure don’t mind if it does mean an occasional cancel if it also means I can get more sales. I hated the old way.

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