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Long time cooperation, stop and read this articles and give me your answer


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I have been on fiverr for alomost one month, I find someone who has popular aacount and many follower on some

popular website, but I still can not find them, so disappointed. My request in the following details, if you think you are qulified with this job, please contact me.

1.the website you often log in needs to be USA located, the main visitors also be American, and it will be better rank in top 10.

2. you are required to have over 2000 followers

3.If it is possible for you to write the articles,we will give you the topic and key words, and 500+words is enough.

4.if it is possible, we hope you can also upload a picture or video for us on the website. of course the picture and video we will give you.

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