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Post first sale blues, trying to diversity and checking notifications like it's facebook in 2010 :p


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Feeling great having gotten a sale on the first day.

I was dancing around the house with the cat and when I finally sat down at the computer my hands were shaking.

I couldn’t believe someone had taken that risk with no reviews and no previous sales.

Boy oh boy I made sure I completed that order ASAP haha

One problem I’m having with fiverr is my phone doesn’t notify me of any inbox or sales until I check physically.

Not helpful when I’m trying my darndest to keep my response rate as fast as possible. Doing pretty good thus far 😉

As such I’m switching from my comp to my phone and refreshing and click clicking like I’m back in highschool just uploaded a photo and waiting for likes… 😃 Facebook oh Facebook… why did I delete you. Not having that to drive sales could have been a mistake.

Just thought I’d open this to hear the funny tales of fellow fiverrs freaking out to fulfil their first order and tales of first reactions… I wish I had a film of the cat dance I’d be selling it now… Note to all please warn me if you’re going to buy a gig and I’ll set up the camera next time.

Going crazy over key words and statistics. ‘20 clicks, what put them off?’ and generally taking the whole thing way to seriously haha spent the day adding extra gigs and hoping that by adding time etc than others are offering I can get that first 5 star review and gosh if someone bought an extra I might explode 😃

Guess my only tip for newcomers like me is don’t buy that first sale yourself… I know I’m not the only one that considered it. My dad had offered and about half an hour later I got the message from a real stranger. I knew I wanted to start something from nothing and feel great not having used social media or fake sales to drive it. Not sure the lack of social media will be a good idea for long, it may be time to dust off the facebook.

The picture is Malabi, my Chinese street cat. I’m putting all the money I make on fiver for her to move to UK with me and be an English Queen. She is of Royal Chinese blood and skips and mings like a true Ladyy… except when she’s licking her bi…

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You don’t need Facebook to drive sales. Yeah, it’s a useful tool, but I use Google exclusively for all my online activity and after I started selling on 7 February last month, I’m up to at least one order a day. Just a few days ago I hit my first sales goal - 5 sales in one day - and the day after that I had six orders in one day. Don’t let the Facecrooks trick you into thinking its mandatory - speaking for myself, I can’t stand Facebook because it’s very difficult to control how much of my information I share and with whom I’m sharing it. The Google “ecosystem,” if you want to call it that, is a lot easier for me to control.

If you’re getting clicks, then your gig title and preview video/picture are working, but if those clicks aren’t converting into sales, then there’s something wrong with your gig description or the content preview. If a customer clicked on your gig, then chances are - they were willing to buy. My conversion ratio started around .5%, but it’s gone up to 3.7% and still climbing.

I wrote about my experience and what I learned, and you can read it here on the forum if you’re interested: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/58062/32-detailed-tips-to-optimize-your-gigs-and-start-selling-today Maybe it’ll help you out? shrug Best of luck to you 🙂

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Guest volodymyrpro7

You’re funny! But it should be in the ‘Fiverr stories’ Category. You can move it any time. Just click on ‘Edit’. Good luck! I sold 3 Gigs through Facebook, so it really works for me. B-)

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