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If you could add/change one thing to fiverr what would it be?


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Things I would change:

-Visible buyer rating

-Block buyer feature

-No fees for buyers 🙂 I mean they are bringing business to Fiverr and Sellers are the ones making money here, buyers are more hesitant to placing orders especially the ones from countries that are not as fortunate

Just my opinion :-@

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I was just wondering if there was a thread like this the other day. I have lots of ideas, but one I have at the moment, would be an ability to do a manual add to your own queue. I had a situation the other day where a buyer came back to me a couple of weeks after he ordered as he found a mistake and asked me to fix it. I was happy to oblige of course, but because his request was in my inbox and it was on a day I was really busy, I almost forgot about it, so I would love to be able to reactivate a gig from the sellers end, so that it puts it back into the queue

I also second some kind of buyer ratings or levels for buyers.

I also would like the ability to choose how much money to withdraw from fiverr. Sometimes I like to buy things, but if I have withdrawn my earnings that day, I have to either pay an extra fee and go through paypal which costs me more, or wait 24 hours for more money to clear, I would like to ideally leave a small balance in fiverr at all times, for buying purposes, but can’t at the moment, as you can only withdraw the entire amount.

I’m sure I have more, but that will do for now 🙂

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Guest aakarsh1997


Well, seriously, please bring back thumb ratings. Pretty please ^_^

Also make payments clear faster. Waiting for 15-18 days to get $5 in your account is not very healthy :/

Also, swag for sellers at different levels would be too much awesome of a thing :D

And markdown support while writing messages and delivering orders. Plain text is not enough.

Real-time conversation between buyers and sellers. Reloading page all the time is weird. I know userscripts can solve it, but I would like to see a native implementation.

When will you let me change my username?

Expose your HTTP Referrer Header data for my gig pages to me.

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Reply to @sue_mcl: I have the same problem with messages for changes. I put a star by messages that need attention. That way I don’t overlook them or get distracted. Also watch for messages on delivered gigs. This use to be easy to never see. It is better now that they have added the gig messages to the message inbox list.

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They’ll never add buyer-levels because sellers on Fiverr will do exactly what I’ve seen happen on several other sites: they’ll refuse lowby buyers and insist on only doing business with established buyers. That creates a miserable buying experience for new customers and will discourage purchases.

I only second what others have said:

  • A seller option to refuse the order. I haven’t had this problem, but I hear other sellers say they frequently deal with customers ordering a gig and asking for something completely different that can’t be provided.

  • An option to block buyers. This won’t do much to reduce harassment in an online setting since buyers can easily create new profiles for the same reason, but it makes sense that if you would refuse service to a customer in person, you could also choose to refuse service to a person online.

  • Thumbs Up vs. Five Stars. Seriously, the star system is more complicated than it needs to be. If Fiverr wants this sort of nuance, then fine - give customers three chances to rate the same existing three rating categories now listed, but five stars? Either they liked it, or they didn’t. And as others have said (coughGooglecough) customers prefer thumbs over stars.
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Buyer levels is an awesome idea. I don’t see how it could make a miserable experience. This is assuming everyone starts at level 0, which is very trustworthy as we have seen. I assume good ratings from sellers would increase level. This would only mean that the buyer is even more trusted, but no less valueble than a level 0 buyer which everyone has been since the beginning. This is assuming buyers have no visible rating, just a level. Otherwise even one negative from a seller could make the buyer seem untrustworthy.

I also love the idea that you could choose the amount to withdraw.

More levels for sellers would be good too, and gives something for everyone to aim for after hitting level 2. Top rated is just too hard to get if only like 0.10% of sellers get it.

Remove star ratings. There should only be thumbs down and thumbs up.

Give more statistics! Where are the buyers coming from? And those that do window shopping?

Being able to change username would be a cool feature too.

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I am with you guys on visible buyer ratings. It is ridiculous to not even be able to see what a buyer has previously rated other sellers. For a split second at the start of the year Fiverr had some buyer’s reviews plastered on their profile pages, but apparently they thought better of it and decided anonymity is the only way to get questionable buyers to keep coming back (quantity over quality is the only way Fiverr’s platform makes sense…)

There is quite a bit that needs to be changed with Fiverr’s system, but for me as a seller it almost all begins and ends with some form of protection against shady buyers…

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Guest itsyourthing
gingerwriter said: For a split second at the start of the year Fiverr had some buyer's reviews plastered on their profile pages, but apparently they thought better of it and decided anonymity is the only way
Yeah, they were only displaying 3 stars and up on buyer profiles. Quite clever - most shady buyers are really shady - so they'd be apt to get 1 star feedback that never showed up! Sellers got wise and started giving 3 star reviews with intense commentary, so Fiverr pulled the plug.


It's totes adorbs how quickly they acted on that, but major site bugs, eh, maybe later. ;)



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