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  1. Perhaps delete the video and try re-uploading it 🙂
  2. GST is also a tax in Australia that has recently been added to fiverr’s fees. @m_ren10 if the funds have been returned to your fiverr account, the reason the GST (and the service fee) have not been refunded, is that they only get charged once, and when you place a new order with the funds in your account, you will not be charged GST or a fiverr fee on that order. If you are unsure or want further details, as @offlinehelpers has mentioned, customer service are the best ones to help 😄
  3. Mine is 65%, I used a solicit reviews in the beginning, but I stopped doing it after a while and haven’t done it for a while now, as I didn’t find it affected the percentage of reviewers that much. Some buyers just don’t like/can’t be bothered and that is cool, I don’t want to hassle them to leave a review - people are busy.
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