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  1. I always send my demo reel to those who want a sample, then they can share that with their clients, without needing to tell their clients they are getting my services from fiverr. If they want a custom sample, I simply let them know there is a cost for it. I generally don't have any issues, simply stating that is how my gig works and have zero angst about the whole thing. Some of my best repeat clients are those who re-sell it outside of fiverr or use it for work they are creating (ie the voiceover for a video).
  2. Perhaps delete the video and try re-uploading it 🙂
  3. I’m interested please Matt
  4. Oh man, I’ll try my best not to get started on a huge rant, but the government’s response has been disgusting to say the least. Firstly the prime minister going on holiday in the middle of it saying “well I promised my kids a holiday” and the NSW Emergency Services minister also trotting off for a holiday over Christmas! AND they were warned back in April by ex Rural Fire Service leaders and firefighters that this would be the worse bushfire season on record, because of everything - the drought, the increased fuel load for fires etc and it was recommended to the government to prepare an emergency action plan and they ignored it (because the current government is a coal loving government that doesn’t believe in climate change). They only just decided to bring in the army on the worst day last week - despite the fires starting in September and getting really bad in November. And it took until Saturday for them to put money towards water-bombing aircraft which was asked for months ago. And the budget for the Rural Fire Service was literally cut in half, so they had to rely even more on volunteer help and fundraising from the community. It is unfathomable. There was more money allocated in the NSW budget for a new football stadium than for the Rural Fire Service (who do the majority of the bush fire fighting) CRAZY! Almost all the fire fighting is done by volunteers and the leader of the country said we didn’t need to give them any money because they want to be doing it. They later relented and offered 20 days pay to the volunteers (if they met certain conditions - which many didn’t) despite most of them working for months on end. But hey - he can go on holiday to Hawaii and have a nice time while the country burns. Even worse is the murdoch press currently spouting misinformation (saying the fires are caused by arsonists - when in fact the numbers include anyone who was fined for lighting fires on a total fire ban day, arson that has nothing to do with the bush (ie a house) etc) Only 1 person has been charged with bush fire related arson. Social media misinformation is SCARY! And the people that are blaming the “greens” for not allowing backburns and that being the “cause” of the fires is infuriating. The head of the Rural Fire Service - the one who is responsible for it all here in NSW - the worst affected state, says that is simply not true. I also found this article this morning which presents a factual basis as to the cause. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/fuel-loads-hazard-reduction-climate-change-all-linked-steve-whan/ (by the way, this is my held back rant hahaha) No real rain in the forecast for months, we are right in the middle of summer, so who knows how long it will burn for 😢
  5. Yes, y’all def. need more rain than that! Wish all the rain we are getting this week would go to y’all. We are expected up to 8 inches by Friday night. We don’t need it after being one of the wettest Decembers in our area. I am so glad your client is safe, bet you were relieved to hear from them!! Many many fires are still burning - I am 2 hours north of Sydney and so much has already been burnt, it is very sad 😢
  6. Today we got 2mm of rain, but we need 200mm of rain to put out the fires 😢 So many people have lost everything, my son’s girlfriend is from Kangaroo Island, where a large portion of the island has burned and people have died. Her childhood home and many of her friends homes are gone. The farmers are shooting burnt livestock to put them out of their misery, it is just so so so sad. For those who were wondering about donations, this page from the RFS (which is the Rural Fire Service) details the charities. https://www.rfs.nsw.gov.au/news-and-media/general-news/how-you-can-help
  7. I would like to hope for the best… :heavy_heart_exclamation: Fires in summer are common, but never like this. I can’t even comprehend how much bush has burned, how much has been lost. 😢
  8. Honestly, I can’t remember as this was over 3 years ago, but I can’t remember having this issue in any recent times. I am sure customer support will be able to assist you or your buyer (they may need to deal with the buyer directly in case there is an issue with their payment method).
  9. I don’t at all - I know there are many people who do spend a lot of time helping newcomers and I do appreciate that very much and hope others do too (and I know sometimes help is given that isn’t appreciated by the newcomers). I think the negativity side of things has just got to me after a while.
  10. Hey forum friends, it’s been almost five years now I’ve been a part of this forum, though I’ve not really been in many posts on the forum lately, as my limited forum time has been mainly taken up with mod duties behind the scenes. But I did want to say goodbye to those who I did enjoy chatting with over the years. I came to realise that being constantly exposed to the more negative side of the forum (which is what happens when you mod) isn’t much fun for me personally. Like the other mods, I’ve been exposed to more posts than I would like, where I’ve got upset and often frustrated at how rude and often cruel people can be on the forum sometimes (to new, non English speaking forum users particularly). Modding means mainly dealing with negative stuff, as is the nature of being a mod. I was pretty disheartened when I finally got the guts to call out some of the very ordinary behaviour I’ve seen in a post on the weekend, especially because it seems that many forum users justify their behaviour by casting judgment over the people they are rude and disrespectful to. It seemed the attitude was that older forum users wouldn’t act like that if these other forum newcomers weren’t so lazy, entitled, spoke better English, worked things out on their own {or insert justification here}. When I read that teasing and snarky remarks are justified as they make the forum more entertaining and fun, that was probably the last straw for me. I can guarantee it isn’t much fun for the person on the other end of the “entertainment”. It made me realise this isn’t somewhere I want to hang out anymore. Mods here put a LOT of time and effort into the forum for zero return (the other mods far more so than me) and get very little appreciation (often in fact facing criticism for making unpopular choices). I may enjoy the forum again in future when I’ve had some space, but for now, it’s time to say goodbye 👋
  11. You can check with customer service - but it appears that it just a warning that if you chose to deactivate your account, to withdraw any revenues before deactivating.
  12. No external links are allowed anywhere on the forum, which is why your post was flagged. Thank you for removing the links.
  13. Please note, you are not allowed to link to your gigs, except for specific posts in My Fiverr Gigs. If you want to link to your gigs, please feel free to add your posts to that part of the forum. In regards to the buyers requests, that is probably the most competitive part of fiverr and very normal to apply to 50 jobs, probably even 100 and not get any sales from it - especially if you are not giving low prices - many sellers are so keen to get work, they offer very low prices to get sales. You may be better to focus on optimising your gigs to make them as good as possible in order to get sales. Great images, clear description with keywords, tags, videos, examples of your work etc. This is an old, but still very relevant post and there are many more like them to help you optimise your gigs.
  14. Mod Hat On: Many comments in this thread are very rude and disrespectful towards the OP who asked for help. In my opinion, the behaviour displayed is bordering on bullying - as such, I am closing this now. A reminder of the forum rules to be respectful towards ALL forum members.
  15. 10 posts were split to a new topic: Prayer discussion
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