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Promote Promote Promote - Okay Maybe Not


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Good Evening All:

I have been working at the Fiverr project part time. I have done this to earn a little bit of extra cash and because I am working on a project about unique jobs and other opportunities to make money that are outside of the mainstream. Suffice to say a few of my gigs are doing quite well and I am on the doorstep of level 2.

The biggest trend I have realized is, over deliver. Why over deliver? Because the way to get a good Fiverr business going is to keep the buyers you do get. In writing, graphics and other gigs where the content you produce gets stale - IE ages - then your buyers will need to buy again. If you keep them happy most will use you as their go to. This is they will just bookmark your page and only buy from you. (I do business writing if anyone needs it BTW)

And in seeing this trend line with my little bit of income from Fiverr, I have noticed that as my repeats increase so too does the monthly income I am bringing in on the side with very little work.

So the secret is quite simple. Over deliver so that your buyers become repeat buyers. Because if you gain 100 customers over the next year who want you to write a blog post every week then you would be earning 400 a week in basic Fiverrs excluding extras! Not bad for a side gig - and its easy to see why some are making a fortune on here.

Anyway I figured I would share - If you have any suggestions for me or anyone else for gaining more repeat business post it here!


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Yes, agreed. Repeat clients are wonderful. I also suggest having the combination of a pic, a bio, and a demeanor that make clients really like you as a person so that interacting with you is fun and they want to do it again. Some of my repeat clients are like friends now. Friends who pay me to do stuff I like. Come on, it can’t get any better than that.

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