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How to Avoid Procrastination


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This is not so much a tip for sellers, but me asking for tips!

I offer writing gigs here on fiverr and also do quite a bit of writing outside of fiverr as well. Last year I made about $28,000 (About $8000 of that through fiverr!!!), and that is doing it part time while working a full time job.

I’d like to double that this year if possible, and I know the only thing that is holding me back is procrastination.

Right now, for example, I have about 10 article orders in my queue here on Fiverr and another 43 outside of fiverr. They are all due within the next week or so. Well, I could sit down and work hard at them and get them done early but when I sit down at the computer Facebook, Fiverr forums and silly youtube videos keep calling my name. 🙂

So, this is my very long winded way of asking…


I feel like I’ve tried EVERYTHING. Blocking distracting sites. Giving myself ‘rewards’ for finishing X amount of work. Telling myself that I need to finish these orders because many of my clients will order more as soon as I finish an existing job, and that means more money for me. Thinking about my upcoming vacation to Arizona which is being paid for by my writing… Nothing works!

I always get the jobs done on time, but never early and I know that is just killing my earnings potential!

SO…Tips, Advice, encouragement…Please?


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One of the techniques that has been working very well for me this year is the Pomodoro technique. You work for 25 minutes then take a break for 5 minutes after. That’s 1 pomodoro. For every 4 ‘pomodoros’ you can take a longer 30 minute break. I just work non-stop during that 25 minutes and I’m amazed how much I can finish in that amount of time. I also don’t feel burnt out for some reason. I actually sometimes wish my 5 minutes would go by faster. :)) I have an app I use called focus booster which is basically a timer on your screen 🙂

Some people like to make it into 20/10 or 45/15s or whatever. Do what works for you. 😃 And good luck!

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I am the absolute worst for procrastination. I do like the sound of the Pomodoro technique. Does anyone know of anymore techniques?

I am terrible for procrastinating all day, and then working like crazy at night. However, I did read an interesting article about this, which may relate to other work types, not just programmers: http://www.businessinsider.com/why-programmers-work-at-night-2013-1

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Reply to @itsamellama:

I like this idea. I even downloaded the app to my iPhone and gave it a try, but I think there is a problem.

I set the timer to 25 minutes and got to writing…

Article 1 done. Sweet

Article 2 done. Nice!

Article 3 done. Wow…I’m a really fast writer.

Article 4 done. HOLY CRAP…I’m going to be rich if I can keep going like this.

Article 5 done. OMG - I am amazing, and I’m still doing high quality work here.

Article 6 done. THIS IS INSANE, Even with just fiverr articles 6 articles in 25 minutes is over $50 per hour and that’s with no gig extras…Plus I make a lot more outside of fiverr. When this timer goes off, I’m going to take my break and look at a new BMW because I’ll be rich soon!

Well, it’s at that point that I opened up my phone and saw I still had about 21 minutes on the timer…Apparently when my phone locks, the timer stops. lol.

Maybe that is the way it was intended since it did get me to do quite a bit of work!

Sneaky app developers!

I do love the concept though and I’ll give it a try using another timer app and see how it works for me.

I appreciate your input and the suggestions of the others who have replied.

Thanks!! Now stop distracting me so I can get some work done! lol


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I open a text edit document and type out all of the things I have to do. This helps as I’m able to see what I need to do as opposed to merely thinking about it. I’ve learned to shy away from groovy apps that allow me to accomplish this because once I pick up my iphone, I’m not getting anything more than increasing my cash count on whale trail. Those types of aesthetically pleasing “get er done” apps may work for some, but writing it out in plain ol text works surpassingly well for me in spite of my desire to keep all things arts’y.




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Guest mrspanda

I use the pomodoro technique… But because I’m pregnant. I do 1 gig, then I pee, stretch, eat something, play clash of clans, for 10 mins, and go again. Very effective. 🙂

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I’m a bit like you @seatbelt99. I provide some content-writing services outside of Fiverr, and I always find myself waiting until the last minute to get it done. I can’t say I have any fool-proof plan for fixing procrastination issues, but here’s what works for me.

I split my writing tasks up over a couple of days. The first day is usually research for the writing and mapping (bullet-point lists of key points with any related thoughts and links to related articles as sidenotes). Then I leave it at that. Usually by the time I’m finished that research phase, the article is nearly written (though perhaps not polished). On writing day, I crank up some upbeat music, open a window, surround myself with a few comforts (snacks, water or soda, both phones) and get to work. I’ve found that the more comfortable I am, the more likely I am to sit there and plug out 2 or 3 pieces or articles at a time. On really nice days, I take it outside to the patio or porch for a change in scenery.

I’m probably not like most people. When it comes to writing, I work better with more distractions. You’d think awesome music would make me sing along or make it hard to form a train of thought, but it really doesn’t for me. Sometimes I can even listen to the news or a good audio book while writing! I cannot, however, work well in complete silence. That is the most distracting thing in the world to me lol.

So no real thought-provoking suggestions except perhaps to try something different. If limiting distractions isn’t working for you, then try to work them in in a way that helps or take several breaks where you let yourself give in to them. My weakness (however lame it may be) is Harry Potter fanfic…when I find a good one it sucks me in and I neglect all else. So I keep the iPad nearby, write and proofread a paragraph, then give in and read a chapter of fanfic, then go back to work. Alternating like that seems to help on those days where the urge to do something else is overwhelming. Also, it might help to set specific days aside for writing. I work much better on days where I’ve mentally prepared for writing the day before. I wake up expecting that at some point in the day, I am going to be working on a writing project. Staying focused works better for me when it’s planned rather than coming out of the blue.

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Hmmm, I draw and animate stuff outside the site too but I don’t think about it. Because that guy is a different persona! My favourite technique is role playing. I try to be some imaginary character with more solid principles than myself and act out how he would in certain situations. Like, does this character open facebook? Does he drink instead of work? Is procrastination a part of his vocabulary? Does he ever sleep? And so on…

@itsamellama - lol interesting technique! 😃

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I didn’t know there was a proper technique for what I do, but I guess I would consider myself to be using the pomodor. Noy on purpose, but I always need to stretch after sitting or be stationary for a while. Personally, have never had the issue of procrastination.

I’m very much a seize the day type of person, I wake up early (sometimes as early as 4am), workout, cook breakfast, have my coffee and… (as I call it) punch the day in the face. Some nights if I need to, I stay up late getting the things done that “need to be done” then. Not later. Time is always sensitize. You’re either going to use it or waste it, you’ll never be able to make up for the time you lost. Life is very short in that sense.

I looked up some articles for you, that may some help to you. Based on the information about yourself you provided, it doesn’t like any issue of “how to avoid it” because I honestly don’t think you should have to parent your self. You need accept, and create your own self-disciple.

Linked you to some article, as well as journal studies:




I believe (I’m getting my Masters in Psychology) the real question you should be asking yourself is:

Why do you allow yourself to induce procrastination?

Why do you allow yourself to play “head games” and allow yourself to procrastinate?

Technique or tricks won’t fix your procrastination, it will only mask it. Figure out why you allow yourself to do, find the source/start of your procrastination solve that and you will eliminate your procrastination issues all together.

Hope the articles help!



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Reply to @thepromogirl: If I could give any reason for my procrastination, it would probably be because I can be a very lazy person when given the opportunity. There are some days that I really just don’t want to do anything but read or lounge around. I often lack energy. There are plenty of things to motivate me, but that doesn’t always matter.

If I really want to get technical with it, you could probably go as deep as saying my poor eating, exercising and sleeping habits contribute to my lack of energy and motivation. Be that as it may, those aren’t all things I can fix overnight. Some days my head is in the game, some days it isn’t. So the masking of my procrastination moves me along. Not perfect I know, but for now it gets the job done lol.

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