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  1. I wanted to reserve judgement until it’s ‘finished’, but it it being so far from finished on release is not good. Instead of focusing on what forum users actually need and use, the focus is on making the gig spam/SE fodder more attractive. Creating a secondary gig ‘directory’ is not making a better forum experience. Yet again, not an improvement, just half-baked change.
  2. For everyone who is embarrassed to share their mess, I’d like to remind you of a quote from Einstein - If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, then what are we to think of an empty desk? 🙂
  3. Reply to @seobookmarkbest: The buyer is not king. There are thousands more buyers lining up to buy cheap stuff on Fiverr. Everyone deserves respect - even we lowly Fiverr sellers. Begin how you intend to continue. If you want to always be treated like a servant, act like a servant from the start.
  4. Reply to @jamescott: Ha! It was just a joke, but I’m glad I provided the opportunity for you to stress your professionalism. 🙂
  5. Reply to @jamescott: Don’t the lamp shades vibrate? NEED MORE BAFFLES! 😉
  6. You could just set up a savings account and link it to your PayPal, then withdraw your money directly to it. You may even make a penny or two of interest if it’s a good savings account. In any case, I agree with @valanne, don’t risk losing it or not being able to access it because of potential Fiverr shenanigans you’ll have no control over.
  7. Reply to @sara1984: I appreciate it when someone uses “incredible” literally. +1 🙂
  8. Reply to @captainfive: Umm, it’s copywriters we have to thanks for ‘words’ like “salestastic”. 😉
  9. Reply to @thepromogirl: That's usually the reason, but there's definitely been (maybe still is) a bug. I eventually got around it by a combination of deleting text, clearing fields, un-ticking, re-ticking, hard-refreshing and assorted other shenanigans. It was so annoying I didn't even bother with some of the other ones I wanted to edit and/or delete. I still can't get my description formatting to stick, no matter what I do! Oh well.
  10. Reply to @ricksper: That’s what I do, too - and keep my fingers crossed that they really are “pending” and that nothing is broken. 🙂
  11. You may as well leave it. There’s nothing wrong with giving buyers optional ways to tip. 🙂 And as you unfortunately found out, there are issues with the gig editing process anyway. The ‘bug’ is affecting everything from video uploads to simple format changes.
  12. Reply to @zekikaynak: It doesn’t matter if there is a ‘logical explanation’. It’s a rule of the site, so the only options are to plan accordingly or not use the site.
  13. Reply to @sincere18: For the same reasons that ordering, messaging, revenues, profile, gig descriptions, live portfolio, cancellations - everything - needs to be watched; because it doesn't always work correctly, and neither does Customer Support. Every driver on the road has passed a test, but I still look both ways before crossing the street.
  14. Reply to @sincere18: I’ve never had a chargeback. As with everything else on Fiverr, I prefer to plan ahead since so many things can go wrong that have nothing to do with my use of the service. An ounce of my prevention is worth a pound of so-called Fiverr cure. 🙂 My gigs and workflow are fine (although, a few more orders would be cool). I don’t spend hours per day scrutinizing my account details like some of the other users, but when every component of the site - and even the site itself - is prone to go down at any time, it’s a choice between babysitting or letting the chips fall where they may; and the cleanup crew is often out to lunch. Every day there is more babysitting to be done and the person who gets paid to mind things isn’t doing their job. I’m debating if it’s still a good return on investment.
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