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Gig Extra Ideas for My Transcription Services?


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Hi all, I need some help thinking of gig extras I could apply to my transcription gigs.

I am looking for extras BESIDES faster delivery and additional minutes like “10-20 min. extra $5, extra 20-30 min. extra $10, etc.”.

Maybe even some sort of related service or something that could go along with transcription?

Any suggestions? 🙂 I can’t think of anything! LOL

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@madmoo - I have gotten a couple transcription orders. Sincerely, I have determined it’s hard work so I upped my addon rate to 20 bucks to do 20 additional minutes on top of the 5. I give myself two days and if they want it express they can pay 5 bucks. Frankly, maybe I should up the express rate. Additionally, I have an add on 20 for up to an hour giving folks 10 free minutes in the whole hour. I might raise the add on rate more when I make Level 2 because I think it’s worth it for doing a good transcription job. It’s not that hard if the audio/video is clear, but if you have to transcribe an hour conference call between half a dozen people, it can get tricky.

I know you’re looking for something more unique in there. I’m not sure what. I think this is a basic service that if done well deserves good pay. If you do it well, I say up your rate. When you get a few good feedbacks, I believe you’ll get more orders.

If you haven’t done transcription yet though, I’m sure you’re aware that it takes quite a while to get right.

Still, on transcription gigs it is my strong opinion that if you do a good job it’s worth asking to get paid for this type of job. Of all my gigs I have discovered that it takes the most focus and time. My mind is literally weary after transcribing for a few hours, and my hands are like whoa, did I really just type all that for that long? lol

If people need this job done well, I don’t think they should look for a cheap bargain(just saying in general). My attitude on this particular job is not to make a better time versus rate value for the order. The value in my mind is getting the job done right. This may sound closed minded, but frankly, I want to develop gigs that are efficient and meaningful. This one people need, but transcribing eats lots of time, so if they want a real professional outcome without headaches, they’re probably willing to pay more.

Yes, transcribing is tedious. If you do a good job, pay yourself what you’re worth because it’s gonna eat your time. That’s my 2 cents.

I’d pull my hair out if I got 5 separate hour long transcription gigs all at once. Incidentally, I sorta wish we could limit the queue. Just a thought.

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Reply to @kuzzmedia: Personally, I don’t find transcription “hard” I just find it time consuming and boring (sometimes).

I offer up to 10 minutes for $5 (0-10min $5, 10-20min $10, 20-30min $15, etc. and I am happy with this rate. I feel that I am giving a good value, while not over-doing myself. I am not willing to do anymore than 10 minutes for $5, as it becomes too much work for the pay to me.

I am a new transcriber, not professional. But, I am fairly good at it.

I refuse to transcribe unclear audios or videos or those that have speakers talking over one another. Transcribing these are not worth it for me, it’s too much trouble and aggravation trying to figure out what is being said.

Also, I refrain from adding gig extras like “10-20min extra $5 or 20-30min extra $15” because I don’t want to encourage bulk orders.

I find that when I get orders for 30-100min. of audio or video, I have trouble completing the order. I get bored with the audio or video and seeing how much I have left to do makes me feel like “ugh, so much left to do”. However, when I get 10min. - 20min. of audio or video, I can easily complete it.

Something I like is, most of my buyers have paid extra when ordering. I have had buyers give me $5 - $20 MORE than what they actually owe for the job, considered as a tip. And never have I received an order for over 30 min. total. 🙂

I am content with how transcription is going for me. I just would like to add extras, but still stay away from encouraging people to order in bulk. Something unique maybe.

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@Madmoo - I recently did an hour long transcription of a phone conference between one lady leading and about a half dozen other ladies.

The conversation was really interesting because it had to do with the sales of adult items. I can at least say it was entertaining. lol

Nontheless, I broke it up into two sessions and in both, it nearly made my brain melt. lol I can type regular sentences, no problem, but in fact one lady spoke so fast and never finished a sentence but instead would reword it. It was insane how much I had to listen again and again to get it. Funny thing was though that at the end I had gotten better at typing out her wild and inconsistent speaking mode.

In my opinion the quality of the audio being transcribed could and should factor into the rate. Sometimes it’s a snap and sometimes one might really have their work cut out for them.

In any case, I’ll keep my mind open to “something unique” as you say and I’ll try to remember and share if I think it’s useful.

When I make level 2, I was just wondering if an add on something like “extra difficult audio or multiple speaker rate.” Indeed, that just made me think that the number of people speaking in the audio to be transcribed should also factor into the rate.

In other words, for me, I might say that the current add ons I have only include one person, and maybe there should be a premium charge for every person over 1. Just a thought.

One more thing, some sound guys charge to convert different kinds of sound files to other formats. I just wondered if a good add on could be offering other formats besides pdf? txt? doc? Just another thought.

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Idea # 1: Translate your transcription to a different language.

Idea # 2: Offer a video that matches the transcription with audio.

Idea # 3: Change how you deliver the initial order. When someone orders, send them a locked document or different format, so they can’t edit nor copy & paste the content. So they would have to order the gig extra to receive the unlocked version. Some people may like the new method, and some may not.

It’s risky, but It has personally helped me increase gig extras purchased. But again, everything is not for everybody. You could always test the method, and see if its right for you.

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