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Provide FREE stock images for our gigs


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Reply to @imrobertson: That’s a good point, but maybe with a meme creator and a vast amount of stock images, say 200 across all kinds of categories, it might work.

You’re a buyer, so check out all the expenses I’m experiencing as a seller:

  1. $5 for a gig picture
  2. $5 for a white board video (I don’t like being on camera)
  3. $5 to hire a VO actor to record a script

    Ironically, when I started on Fiverr all my gig images were from google, I had no videos, and I did fine. But at this point in my career, I think buyers expect more. Thus my suggestion to save me money. Some gigs end up failing and I don’t want to lose $15.

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Reply to @fastcopywriter: I think there’s a “fault” in your assumptions.

While, I agree things are needed at various levels of work/performance…

However, not all of YOUR offers need to be at that level.

For example, next time you pay $5 for a graphic… be willing to even pay 15! LOL But, and you’ll get this as a copywriter, make the graphic something like "New Special Offer, Available for a Limited Time. Good for the FIRST 25 buyers ONLY"

Right, now, each time you start a gig USE THAT PICTURE.

Then, only spend the money to get a custom picture for an OFFER that converts!

You could do the same with your video.

Get a video that speaks to the idea that you’re testing a NEW offer exclusively on fiverr. This special offer is available for a limited time only. Don’t delay, because …blah blah blah.

And finally, you get the voicing done once.

Now, once you sell 10 or 20 gigs of something, you’ve gotten an ROI and depending on the speed of conversion, you’ve gotten a gig offer worthy of your attention for more (investment).

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That’s a great idea, but since it’s for testing a gig, I don’t think that it’s very usefull as you can always find some royalty free images from google.

What would be a much better idea, a proper portfolio, where you can also make files for different projects, the gig doesnt show all of the work that you have done, so a portfolio like on many other websites would be a great idea.

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Reply to @pictureduke: Oh I don’t know about that, it might create confusion, or buyers will end up not reading the gig because they all say the same (of course, sometimes that happens anyway).

On the other hand, if sellers edit the description templates then it might work fine, as long as it’s short and sweet. Nobody wants to read for a long time.

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If you want to progress on Fiverr and treat it like business … than treat it like business!

If you invest in captivating graphics - what are those $5-15 for getting the next 50 buyers?

or sales pitch description , or video and VO? You need to invest some to get more … trust me , when you give - it always come more than when you are on the budget. 🙂

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Reply to @kreativa: You’re right, I just hope those videos and images are helping me. My radio orders are down. Would you mind checking out this gig video?


Do you think it’s hurting my sales? My best friend doesn’t like it, said the voice was too deep.

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Reply to @fastcopywriter: A deep voice is rarely a “bad idea” and …you’re not offering to do the VO anyway, but the script writing.

I think what you may be missing in your video is answering some of the common questions.

How much do I have to “give you” in order to “get from you” a good commercial.

Consider, walking though the process a little, if you want to test that…

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Reply to @fastcopywriter: I know, but they will be replaced with newer ones and they will no longer appear on the live portfolio.

As for the loyalty free images:




Effcorse you always have to double check it.

This is how you find them on google: https://www.google.tn/?gws_rd=cr,ssl&ei=_sN5VKnNNcTUavW3gNgB#q=royalty+free+images&spell=1


Stock photos, royalty-free images, video & music clips - iStock


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Reply to @placebo101: The ones at ImageSource aren’t exactly free:

Consider this typewriter


280px X 187px

$ 25.00

500KB (72 DPI)

531px X 354px

$ 55.00

1MB (72 DPI)

750px X 500px

$ 195.00

Is it free for you? Do you have an account with them?


High Quality Royalty Free Stock Photos, Royalty free Images


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For starting out http://pixabay.com is a good place to start out, they have free to use public domain images. Just be careful they mix in none free sponsored images into search results. I do recommend however as you get more work on fiverr to eventually get a custom high quality image made, to get you that little jump higher on the competition.


Pixabay - Free Images


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High quality images definitely help.

This is the only gig I’ve really “invested” in, and the results since have been fantastic: https://www.fiverr.com/mrproofreading/proofread-and-critique-your-resume-cv

I’m sure if I had the time to do it for every gig, I could double my current sales. It’s not just buyers that find fresh images attractive, but fiverr too. My exposure for the gig above has increased, and I’ve found myself in more prominent spots on search and the home page.

I definitely recommend the small investment – especially on top selling gigs.

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