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ADVICE: Level 2 Seller (Average Seller)


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As a Level 2 Fiverr Seller and being on here for 2+ Years here is some advice and life experience;

1.) Run Your Fiverr Gigs like a Micro Business.

-You only need 10-20 orders a day to be able to pay rent in the USA. So your goal should be able to gain a good following of repeat buyers who will order at least once a month and repeat.

2.) Provide more value to your customers then your gig is worth which should give them a positive experience and should hopefully have them coming back for more over and over.

3.) As a Seller you get $4 after fees so 99% of the time you shouldn’t be thinking about getting rich. It’s all about starting out with extra spending money for bills and eventually maybe one day getting your rent paid ( Probably a long shot).

No one on Fiverr is getting rich over night, it's hard work and will hopefully pay off in the end.

Ps...Fiverr moves your posts around, features it every so often but it's not completely consistent so don't quit your job if you happen to hit a jackpot of page views and orders, it could dry up tomorrow.
Just offer great customer experience then hopefully you can get repeat business.


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