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Advice: Bad reviews


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I am sure this has been brought up before, but I am having a little trouble finding it. I just recently encountered a client who was very difficult to get information from and would not pay the agreed upon price for the gig. After the gig went overdue and he still did not supply me with the information needed, he cancelled the order and gave me a negative review that dropped my 100% rating down to 97%.

Is there any way that I can contact Fiverr staff to have them look over the message logs and scrub this clean from my record or am I just stuck with this bad rating until I gain enough positive reviews to balance it back out?

Thanks in advance!

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Guest swagdesi

@jlmdigitalmedia : Yes you can contact Fiverr Support Team and they will surely take the right decision.

Show them the sreenshot of your chats, your chats on your order page.

And once if they think that really you have taken efforts to communicate with the buyer and the buyer is the one who was not co operative then there are chances that they will remove your negative feedback.

Hope for the best.

So give it a try 🙂

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