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Customers... good and bad


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I really can relate to some of the stories here and I hate it too when buyers think they will get the world for free and we are supposed to kiss the virtual ground they walk on.

I have had a few of those prospective customers. Luckily most of them I never did business with. One of my first customers was a guy whose translation I proofread which was a ridiculous job because the translation was horrible. He also negotiated about the price with me, but he was only my second or third customer on fiverr I accepted…

Now I would let customers like these pass me by and get their service elsewhere.

On a positive note I LOVE LOVE LOVE 99 % of my customers. Many of them are return-customers and I think they like me too. I feel so fortunate that the majority of my REAL customers are super nice and we both respect each other and commonly agree on acceptable terms and services for both of us. I have met some really awesome people here on Fiverr. 🙂

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Guest korneker

You’re right. There are some buyers that think they can get the moon from the sky for $5. But the majority are the good ones and great lovely people.

However I like to deal and explain why I have those prices.

Also I like to make free revisions until the client is happy with the final product. I made many clients happy with this philosophy and of course I got some more clients from recommendations.

And as a quote about the picky clients: when you make happy a picky client, he will talk. A lot! He will recommend you to all his friends.

Good luck!

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