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Honestly, though, there are so many sellers selling the same thing here. So the likelihood of getting an order is low (but it'll come with time). I would suggest niching down more. eg: WordPress websites for small businesses / WordPress websites for startups / WordPress websites for restaurants / coffee shops / grocery store's. 

Your creativity is the only limiting factor here. 

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As a website designer that has worked hard to build up a strong profile, it's frustrating to see freelancers using a template in their portfolio and stating it is their own work.  This is deliberately deceiving the customer into thinking you designed these websites, when this is clearly not the case. 

Especially as you state that your websites are custom designs???? 

A portfolio should be YOUR work, not someone else's!!! 

*the first image is your portfolio, the second is a reverse image search showing that it is a template.  


Screenshot 2024-07-05 134856.png




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