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  1. Fiverr VID means Very Important Doer. You can see the full specification in the fiverr support center. Thanks.
  2. Every time you have to write something unique for a buyer request. Pre-made template and copy paste will be low rate to get response. Thanks
  3. Buyer is always respective person, Buyer is always right. I have to follow buyer requirement. If the buyer will fill up your gig requirement so no need to discuss before placing the order. Buyer will contact you or not, It totally depends on the buyer. Thanks.
  4. I also face the same problem with buyers. I have contact with fiverr helpline. and fiverr customer care return my evaluation order completion rate, But I don't get payment from buyer. You may contact fiverr help & support, they will give better support. Thanks.
  5. Congratulations. keep it up. Thanks.
  6. I have found the same thing but now ok. I think it's a fiverr server related problem. Thanks.
  7. V.I.D client Very important Dores. This client regularly places the order in fiverr and becomes a VID client. They have special benefits to reach ZOOM call, CS etc. I have worked with VID clients, really nice. Thanks.
  8. Thanks for sharing your information. V.I.D client is excellent.
  9. Yes! Absolutely right tips to get best seller. Thanks.
  10. V.I.D buyer and other buyer are the same. I mean that buyer is buyer and all buyer is honorable and any buyer order is important. V.I.D is a fiverr marketplace special buyer who has got a V.I.D badge. Everyday send a buyer request of course you will get a V.I.D buyer order. Thanks.
  11. Really nice and informative tips about V.I.D buyers. Thanks.
  12. Try to prepare a solid and unique gig, not copywrite. and share the gig on social media and stay online.
  13. Try your best and of course you will get good results.
  14. Welcome to fiverr forum. Best wishes for your new journey on fiverr marketplace. Follow the fiverr gig instruction TOS and will get good results. Thanks.
  15. It's true each seller should maximum time stay live and rapid response fiver always count. Most of the New sellers are doing order in fiverr. New commer have to follow fiverr rules and need to know more tips & tricks from experienced sellers which already gain in the fiverr marketplace. Thanks
  16. Fiverr algorithm will rank your gig as a search result. Different people use different types of keywords, it's variable.
  17. Any social media platform you can share your gig. Thanks.
  18. 1600-550 pixel cover photo size. Thanks
  19. This is not a real buyer. Moreover you can't do this type of work on fiverr. You have to follow terms and conditions. Thanks
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