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Why am I not being shown online despite being online?



Hello fiverr forum,

Everything was going well but I've been facing some issues for the past few months. Whenever I used the online filter to see "online now" status from another browser or pc, my gigs are not showing there even though I'm online. Note that, I was warned (28th March) for 90 days, and before this issue when I used the online filter my gigs were there. Because of not being shown, I am being deprived of orders. No order means no earning for both me and fiverr. 
I use fiverr app with 'online status' being On 24 hours actively. 
Please tell me if there is anything I can do. I have already talked to Fiverr support but no reply came from their side. 
Hope someone can help me throwing a candid piece of advice about fiverr's condition.

Thanks in advance.

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If you've received warnings etc. from Fiverr, that could be your explanation for not being visible in the marketplace. 

I did a quick search for one of your gigs and you did show up as online when filtering for that: 


However, that was a specific search for the gig title, and your gigs might be less visible on Fiverr depending on your success score and other metrics, including previous warnings you've recieved. 

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