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Poor Audio Quality on my Gig Video (Gallery)

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Do anyone have also noticed that the audio of our gig video on the gallery was really compressed and deteriorated ? 
If somebody has found any solution about this problem just let me know.

For Audio Engineering gigs this is such a contradictory and disappointing issue, just degrading the first impression of our work.


Thanks for your help !

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It's the horrible compression by the playback engine Fiverr uses for gig videos. There is nothing you can do about it. So long as the original uncompressed video is rendered with a very clean, high-quality audio track in WAV format before compressing the 200mb+ video down to 50mb which will be compressed a second time by Fiverr, you should be fine. Just make sure you also include some audio demos in the other 2 sample slots, as these will be almost the same as the original after compression and not suffer the same loss as the video.

Hope this helps

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Yes - I've tried pitching this idea (of allowing better quality for your gig video/portfolio) several times to the Fiverr team - hopefully one day this can be implemented. I know it's probably a server thing - but other platforms can handle it.

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