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"Me against the World"


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If this sounds like a "pity party", I apologize. However it does indeed seem like I'm up against a "world" of other people in the voice-over industry who have more experience and showcase many more completed voice-over work. And from a buyer's perspective logic dictates the best candidate has the most experience. Further, the successful voice-over artists have a support circle of friends and former clients to aid in their search for work. Me...I don't have those. Of course one should use social media outlets to market themselves, but I don't have the support there either; compared to the average person my support circle is a tiny fraction. So how is being on Fiverr even worth it for someone like me?

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3 hours ago, william_c_s said:

And from a buyer's perspective logic dictates the best candidate has the most experience.

That would be a buyer where things like budget, schedule, and style don't matter to them. Those buyers are probably exceedingly rare. The rest have some kind of constraint they're operating in that reduces the pool of sellers they're selecting from.
The ideal thing to do is find a niche no one else says they support and then stuff your gig description full of those keywords.
It will be a smaller pie but a bigger slice since you'll be competing against fewer sellers and more likely to be a first page result for that specific search.

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After reviewing your profile and service page, it's clear that you have a good voice—that already sets a base for greater potential on Fiverr. So, it might be too early to question "how is being on Fiverr even worth it for someone like me," especially considering your profile optimization isn't fully maximized yet.

Here are a few suggestions to help optimize your platform presence:

  1. Fully utilize the 1,200-character quota for your gig description. Incorporate keywords such as "native English speaker," "American accent," and so forth.

  2. Diversify your portfolio by creating more gigs like "voice over for IVF," "voice over for audiobooks," and others.

  3. Leverage your tags more effectively. How does the current tags — "versatile," "male," "accents," "mature," and "impersonation"—optimally represent the nature of your service offering?

  4. Develop a more varied pricing structure. Initially, consider pricing it lower, perhaps at $10 for 50 words, which is effectively the same as your current rate.

  5. Regarding your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), it could be beneficial to eliminate entries such as "are you in a union" and "do you have a studio". You're aiming to market and sell your services, and details about potential union affiliations do not typically bear relevance in the freelance space. Moreover, stating that you lack a studio could potentially deter potential clients. While honesty is essential, perhaps it's wise to only provide such information when directly queried.

With these improvements, you might find your Fiverr experience more fruitful and rewarding.

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