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Need suggestion on a feedback.



Hello, good people in the community,

I have recently come across an issue.

One of my repeat clients left a 4.5-star review mistakenly, and he messaged me regarding that. Is there any way he can revert it? I have no idea about this. So, anything helps!



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36 minutes ago, swsajid said:

I got a FAQ from Fiverr itself that buyers can change their review in 30 days

How old was that FAQ? It could be outdated.

It would be very risky to suggest the buyer to contact support to do that. There's a good chance you could get an account warning if they think you persuaded them to (I think one person got a warning when they didn't even ask the buyer to change it).

Also 4.5 stars isn't as bad as it would have been before (if they could give that), since the min avg review to keep levels has decreased to 4.2 stars now (it used to be 4.7)

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