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Build Relationships, Not Just Logos 🤝

Logo Maker Team

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We're all about improving how sellers and buyers connect. In many cases, clients who choose quick and affordable Logo Maker options stick to the prices listed on the Logo Maker page even when they contact our designers privately, which isn't ideal.

Clients might overlook that even a "tiny tweak" incurs an additional cost, and too many tweaks might mean starting from scratch—which can be time-consuming. Your time shouldn't be wasted on buyers who have no intention of paying extra for more services, so let’s make it clear and easy in the first interaction. Our goal- to filter out irrelevant interactions so we can focus our time and effort on the potential long lasting relationships.

Our Logo Maker team has sellers' backs: Think of your account as a portfolio, not just a store.

If a buyer digs your style and contacts you for designs, you've got influence—make the most of it!


We want to back sellers up and boost pride in your work. If you communicate clearly and offer buyers top-notch support, you're more likely to build ongoing relationships and snag repeat business.

Today’s forum will address common seller challenges:

  1. Customer Service Overload: Sellers often go beyond their role, providing extra "customer service” (Not your job!). We're here to save you time from low-intent buyers.
  2. Compensation Issues: Sellers building branding kits for "teaked by request" logos create a gap with Logo Maker page prices, buyers lean towards lower-cost designs, not compensating creators for their time.

How can you tackle these challenges head-on? Start with Quick Responses!

Quick Responses are pre-made answers for personalized messages. Auto-replies help in several ways:

  1. Immediate Response: Available 24/7, offering confirmation and basic info beyond regular hours.
  2. Setting Expectations: Builds trust, showing what clients can expect.
  3. Time-saving: Gathers project details, handles routine queries, and filters out poor matches for all parties.



We've crafted ready-made responses for your auto-reply and quick responses to help you start fostering meaningful relationships! 🌟




First - Your Auto-Reply: [copy and edit to your templates]

Hello {username}! Thank you for reaching out 🙂

My usual hours are XX-XX GMT-x, and I'll respond during that time. To kick things off smoothly, please share key details about your business:

  • Your name

  • Industry

  • Location

  • Website if you've got one

  • Target audience details – the more specific, the better! 

  • Any inspiration or competitors you admire 

Did any of my Logo Maker designs catch your eye? If so, please attach a screenshot for reference. It'll be a fantastic starting point for us.

Pricing will depend on the tweaks you're after, so the more details you provide, the better I can estimate. Keep in mind that, in addition to the logo, I'll be creating a matching branding kit with those modifications, and my time will be factored in there too.

If it's a "start from scratch," project my rate is XXX, giving you full rights. This is highly recommended for small to medium businesses!

Excited to dive into this with you. Looking forward to our chat soon.




Exciting news! The customer is interested—what's next? 

Now that they've shown interest in your design and are ready to trust you, how should you proceed? Here are two options:


Method 1: Build Something Great Together!

Try to understand a little bit about the business and use that knowledge to your advantage. After all, a logo is just the start of a buyer’s creative needs. if a client is already interested in your style, use it to nurture that bond beyond. Here’s a draft to start with:

Hello {username}

Absolutely! I'd be thrilled to assist with your project. As a special offer for reaching out through the Logo Maker, I'd love to provide you with a customized package. I offer all kinds of design services beyond logos. I’d love to be your go-to designer for the complete branding experience and provide a customized package covering any creative needs. Let's make your business stand out!

Method 2: Propose Their Next Project

Got a brilliant idea you can bring to life? Pitch it! Demonstrating a profound understanding of their business is one of the most powerful ways to connect with potential clients. 🚀 

Hello {username}

I've delved into your brand and have a couple of ideas to elevate its identity beyond the logo branding kit:




Let me know your thoughts! I’m here to help.



Ready to elevate your presence on Logo Maker from a store to a dynamic portfolio and a gateway to cultivating lasting client relationships?

Which approach speaks to you the most? How do you plan to tailor your service for consistent client returns? We'd love to hear about your experiences after tweaking and applying these templates. Comment below!

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  • Logo Maker Team changed the title to Build Relationships, Not Just Logos 🤝

Sorry, but this auto reply works for all of our gig right?
It means if we got a buyer that not from logo maker, that template will be used too?

Or is there any ways / method, we can separate it like one template are for logo maker and the other one for regular gig?
Thank you for your help and explanation.


@Logo Maker Team

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On 1/5/2024 at 4:03 AM, gunawanguan said:

Sorry, but this auto reply works for all of our gig right?
It means if we got a buyer that not from logo maker, that template will be used too?

Or is there any ways / method, we can separate it like one template are for logo maker and the other one for regular gig?
Thank you for your help and explanation.


@Logo Maker Team

Hey @gunawanguan!
We made it "generic" enough to match all cases (new AND LM clients). Do you think there are more templates you might find useful? In what cases? If you like this type of content we can absolutely make more of it 🙂

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