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  1. That's all was a nice logo, congratulations for all the great seller that has been featured. A little suggestion for @Logo Maker Team, maybe if any sales that is generated through logo seller can be counted like a regular sales. Like the ability for seller to do instant payment after buyer purchase logo or given a same weight / rating system, that will be great. Thank you very much.
  2. How can we make gradient color like this on Logo Maker? Is that possible?
  3. You mean we can upload an SVG with gradient? But then if we want to make a color variations, it can only be a solid color? If that is the case, so in our display, we will have at least 1 logo as gradient color. Is that correct?
  4. I'm sorry for asking it here. How can we upload a gradient color for our logo maker collection? I have asked customer support, but they said we can't upload a gradient color. The color will be determined by client, is that correct? Thank you for the explanation.
  5. Congratulations for another great year. Looking forward for another great year ahead. 🥳🥳🥳
  6. @Kesha This is some of the case that I mean where "TIP" from client sometimes speak up more than their review. So if Fiverr can add TIP as a plus score, that will make this new level system better and balance. Thanks.
  7. @Kesha I don't know if this is the right place to talk, but I think it still has something to do with the new level system. So I thought, maybe the Fiverr team could hear it. I find this new system interesting and measures whether or not we are worthy enough to reach the level we should be at. It's like if we are level 2, then provide quality work as a level 2 seller. The way clients rate us from various aspects is good to help us sellers maintain good work but at the same time it is a bit difficult if clients don't care even though we have done a good job. In my experience, I once got so many tips but clients kept giving me only 4 stars, and they repeated orders. So, if I may suggest, maybe in this new level system, TIP can add to our score. Because there are several clients who have thoughts like this "My tip was more than enough to appreciate the seller's good work. So I no longer need to fill out reviews / judge based on reviews" So if clients who tip can add to our score, it will be very helpful for balancing in this new level system.
  8. Okay thank you for your prompt reply @Kesha I have reach for customer support and wait for their answer. Thanks again.
  9. @Kesha Still waiting for this reply. Thank you for your time Kesha. I really appreciate that.
  10. Maybe it's a typo, cause it's like an odd jump from 10 - 10 - 30. Maybe it should be 10 - 20 - 30?
  11. @Kesha Hello Kesha. Sorry for asking it here. I just check my level page and got this warning messages. Your level progress is on hold You’ve received a warning about activity that violates Fiverr’s policies. Your progress in the level system is on hold until the warning expires on Feb 21, 2024. What does it means? I mean, where can I know what activity that I did that violates Fiverr's policies? Thank you.
  12. @Kesha What about the seller plus premium program. If we are level demoted from level 2 to level 1, can we still be part of the seller plus premium program? For reference, I have been participated as seller plus premium before.
  13. To be honest, the answer is relative. If they count 2 years back, but not give a weight too much compared to our success job, then I agree with 2 years period. The thing is (but I'm still trying to figure it out), I don't know how they weight the bad order experience compared to the good one. I can say from my experience working on Fiverr, which got maybe just got 0.2 or 0.3% from my total sales that has a negative experience. And around 60% got a positive experience, including positive feedback, tip, etc. But with this new level system, I got only 5 in my overall score. I don't know how much they give a weight to that bad experience order which can make 0.2% bad can be more weighted compared to 60% good. Still trying to figure it out.
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