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  1. But I think before you ask for cancellation, you can try to ask for a revision and tell seller that you don't want that kind of edited photos. Sometimes seller are misunderstanding at the first time and can deliver exactly what you need after second or third chance if you are willing to give him another opportunity to try.
  2. How can you said it was bad? What is your impression?
  3. May i know how long it takes for you from being not promoted into being able to promote again?
  4. Don't ever asked for any review. It's violate the TOS. If you confident that you do good work, maybe client gas give you a good review on their private feedback. So keep on moving. Just keep working at your best, the review is not the only thing we should concern of it.
  5. I feel bad for you and hope you will get a better solutions. It seems that you are having a lot of experience in Fiverr. Sorry, at this rate I can't give any better suggestions. I think you have done all the best. I just want to be in this forum thread to see how it comes. I am facing a similar situation, but the thing I can do is just keep working as good as I can. But I'm still got Lucky than you, I'm not getting any violation warning, only all my gig has been pushed to the very back of every search page. I have contacted support but they always come with the same answer, my gig is fine, everything is good, so I don't know what should I fix. I hope everything will soon be good for all of us here and Fiverr can take Care of us seller better. I hope your case will be resolved soon with a Solutions that you expected.
  6. If you love to get your work done here, please stay and don't give up on Fiverr. Let's together create a great marketplace here. We seller need a quality buyer like you too. Let's expect, if we both part do the best that we can, someday this platform will become a great place for buyer and seller to do work. Have a great day.
  7. Not every seller here are fake. I know a lot of high quality seller here. It's kinda hard to find a good one but this problem are happening to us seller too, it's kinda hard to find a real buyer who really appreciate our work. Sometimes there is a lot of buyer who want to make us work for a cheaper price or even doesn't care about our work and just ask for a free job. I know and understand about your pain. Let's hope that fiverr can find a way to make this platform a healthier marketplace. This is a great platform and I love to work here, as I believe there is a lot of great seller and great buyer love this marketplace too.
  8. Love is dagger, Quote by Loki 😁 Sorry, still couldn't find what is that about.
  9. I'm new to this game, I don't know it has been at the page 10. I am following it now.
  10. You can try to contact support through support@fiverr.com
  11. Let say you are a chef and cooking a pie. If one day McDonalds allow you to put your cook on their store, don't you want to participate in? That way you will get thousand of visitor instantly. It's a fair if you have to paid to get that visitor comes to your product. That's how Fiverr works.
  12. Facing the same problem, hope it can resolved soon.
  13. That's right. But the OP's question here is not clear too, or to be exactly there is no question on it. The reason why the gig denied was already explain clearly too, so what is the question?
  14. I think every seller here on Fiverr know this. It's like a logic, if we work for a big company and we trust that company, we will think the same way like @mariashtelle1did
  15. I suggest that using 100% original content for your gig content
  16. Hello sir.

    I saw some of your forum post about loosing promoted gig feature.

    I am facing the same situation now. May I know how long it takes for you before that features come back to you?

    And do you do something when you lost that features, like editing gig or something?

    Thank you for sharing it with me 🙏

  17. When you lost your promoted gig features, how long it takes before it comes back? I am getting the same situation and wait for it to come back, cause for me, promoted gigs works especially when my gig rank is not on the top page again. Thank you for sharing with us.
  18. 4th page is quite a good placement and as @krheatesaid, the position is not static. It's different on each buyer side.
  19. I am facing the same issue. Today is the 24th days since my gig become unqualified. My gig stats when I become unqualified is 4.9 rating, 0 cancellations, get 5 star and tip sometimes, 0 late delivery, 0 negative review. So I don't know why it become unqualified. I tweak some of my gig during this slow down period, still waiting for it to jump back on the first row. Hopefully it will get back after 1 month. Oh and after the gig become unqualified, I still look up for the order from old client and get almost 2-4 per days with still getting 5 star review and some tip sometimes. In total, for 24 days, I got almost 60 orders. So that is my current situation, I will update it if there is some more updates about my gig.
  20. Oh this is new for me. I just know that rule. Thanks for sharing it with us.
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