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  1. There is a few candidates for this place I hope to see one of them as a moderator. Also it will be fun to create a voting poll so we can vote 🙂
  2. I guess you need to study how can disobot help you like @discobot display help
  3. Wow this is amazing I wish to try after watching this but never did 😦 and it’s amazing as when you take a look deeply you realize that we are all one big family 🙂
  4. I think yes but not sure about the service fee you better contact with customer service to clarify
  5. You need to look at delivery time sometimes when there is many orders sellers can just mislead the new messages or orders or maybe it’s a night time or weekend don’t worry after the delivery time is run out and you still didn’t get your purchase you can cancel the order and refund
  6. The PC can be infected with different type of malware or maybe it’s cellphone ? why you think that information could be stolen only from PC? but even if you have the password and all the information you need you can’t make a purchase immediately it takes time and you can always cancel the purchase or contact with the bank or wallet service and disable account after format computer install new windows install good antivirus. All accounts have phone recovery option and accounts also have security questions there is many ways to stay protected simply install antivirus at first
  7. how it could be possible? Someone just make a photo of card or write down the numbers on it and cvv code. Do you ever make online purchase? what you need to make online payment? just a card number and cvv? I think it’s easier than to hack mail, fiverr and bank account 🙂 which is not possible in real life but only in movies
  8. Yes but there is a good trick to catch their lies. You ask to show the portfolio and choose random illustration you like and ask to show you the working files send you a screenshot of the process or at least to open the file in graphic program and show the layers 🙂 in most of cases just silence or they just starting another lie but you already understand that
  9. Hackers can’t steal from your account on fiverr let me explain why They can’t transfer to your payoneer account as you need to confirm transaction from your email and even if you confirm that takes at least 24h to transfer money to your account. In this case you need to contact with payoneer customer service to change your card and cancel transaction. They can’t withdraw your funds from atm if they don’t have your payoneer card physically they can make online purchases but you can cancel that purchases if they use some dark casino type websites to withdraw I think payoneer with message you and ask for your permission to make that transfer if the website is legal you can track the address where your funds went. I think someone make copy of your payoneer card and stealing money from the card you should contact with payoneer
  10. Yes you are correct he take a reference image and draw with shapes but not traced if he trace this will look better he draw a legs couldn’t handle the shadings couldn’t understand how that works also if you take a look at hands they are modified slightly also the armor is changed that means that the illustrator draw from the image but being far from painting make a lot of mistakes turning the image flat and weird
  11. You can be sure that customer service will help you with this. Fiverr is one of the safest places to make business and you are protected just wait for the customer service’s reply don’t worry about. There is a tones of excellent artists here on fiverr you can find the correct one just keep in mind Check portfolio and check the illustrations if they aren’t stolenAsk to confirm that they can do the job in the same quality.Ask for timeframe if they said that they will do for 24h just leave the character drawing in that style will take at least one weekAsk them to tell you about the process and what programs they will use. The answer should be photoshop, procreate or at least photo paint. These can be drawn only in raster programs not in vectorAsk to give sample of illustration process with the steps. Every illustrator can give that from scratch to final
  12. And the good news is that if the illustration doesn’t match the quality they show in their portfolio Customer service can give you a refund. Frankly speaking I don’t think that the artist who draw that character can do something near to your reference artwork. And if they have many illustrators and they are good enough to make something close to your reference why they give the task to someone who is far from drawing characters. They can give you another try but these time they should give the work to the illustrator whose works were shown in portfolio it’s otherwise they must refund as you paid for the high quality they offer
  13. Thank you for clarifying and sharing the visuals. The issue is that the reference photo is made in Photoshop (raster) and it’s called digital painting the artist should have painting skills very high skills. You got the result done in adobe illustrator or in corel draw which is vector programs. The good news is that they didn’t trace the image they draw with the shapes but forgot about the anatomy and I see the issue with the legs with the arms with the shadings the neck looks weird the cloth doesn’t fit correct and the whole image looks flat. They should try to draw the illustration in photoshop or photo paint or in procreate the adobe illustrator and corel draw will not work for this type of illustrations. The best they can do to turn the illustration to match attached styles 1600×849 35.7 KB 2600×634 155 KB 31000×1406 445 KB
  14. I’m very sorry to hear about your experience on fiverr as that reflects on our community. Yes there is lot of sellers who play unfair showing portfolio of other artists to get the work. This is a problem but you can catch the cheaters very easy just comparing the price and the product they offer. You can be sure that there is no professional talented artist who is ready to work for a long time with the low price in most of cases you will be highly disappointed with the result it will be even cheaper than you paid for. Design studying is very expensive and the programs artists use also take money and only with the experience of years people become real designers and illustrators so they can’t simply offer you their services for low prices. You can message to customer service about the issue you faced but I’m not sure that customer service can do much in this case as the seller you work with deliver the artwork and they spend a time to make the illustration good or bad it’s another question and if the quality isn’t good you can ask them to make revisions and refine that. Customer service can help you if the seller didn’t complete the task or refused to make promised revisions or because of inappropriate behavior. I have an idea but not sure if it’s appropriate could you share your task and the result you get from your seller here? so we can help giving advises how to improve the artwork maybe giving some tips? as here is many illustrators and artist designers.
  15. Antoine Helbert I just get crazy about his works 3753×1000 143 KB 2928×1000 127 KB 11000×1142 149 KB
  16. This make me member the movie Modigliani with Andy Garcia and the conversation about the eyes 🙂
  17. I am glad to hear that you are also a new in fiverr. Let my good wishes be always with you.
  18. You have worked incredibly hard. Good luck. I’m proud of you.
  19. Here’s wishing you success in everything you do. Good luck.
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