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Hi Firends,

Hope you all are in good health…

I’m an Electrical Engineering student and started my fiverr account around a week ago. But I don’t know due to what reasons still I not got any orders. Can you guys kindly visit my profile & gigs for feedback… So that I can make my profile and gigs better…

You can also Inbox me…

Looking forward for so many replies… 🙂

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Here are two reasons…I looked at your two graphic gigs…I will try to be kind…your powerpoint gig is not so good. Your samples are very plain with not such good design. You have a few slides that are just titles and nothing else.

here look at this powerpoint gig:
Also, some gigs use videos to show a presentation.

Then on your info graphic you have no real samples. Also, you show that you are simply using some piece of sofware to do it, now that I know what pictochart is, why would I need to buy the gig from you? Surely it takes awhile to learn that software and make a good infographic, but you have to show really good samples of the work that you have done and be sure to leave off the Picktocahrt logo.

Look at this gig…

What you need to do is simply research and look at very many gigs that are similar to yours for all he gigs you have created and see how your gigs compare. You need to be able to stand out from the competition.

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