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Fiverr's Impact on Your Career: Tales of Hiring Opportunities and Long-Term Professional Relationships


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Hey there, awesome Fiverr community!

I'm super excited to kick off a discussion today about the incredible impact that Fiverr has had on your career journeys. Specifically, I'd love to hear all about the hiring opportunities and long-term professional relationships you've encountered through this amazing platform.

Have you ever had that "pinch-me" moment when a Fiverr gig led to a game-changing job opportunity? You know, the kind that opened doors, fueled your passion, and maybe even turned into a long-lasting collaboration? Share those awe-inspiring stories with us!

In my case I have been on Fiverr Since 2017, I had maybe 2 long-term job opportunities but nothing came from them  but I was able to build strong long term relationship with some clients. 

To our success!

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I have two regular clients. One I've worked with over several years and another I've worked with for just a few months. 

While I like the "regular" business, I also enjoy the "one-offs" that happen here. Because this is a global platform, it's easy to end up working for someone halfway around the world.

In my regular freelance web content writing life (I started outside of Fiverr in 2014), I have mostly clients from Australia. I'm in Canada. 

I still think that's cool.


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