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Hello boys and girls! It's possible to make a successful career on fiver!

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A few years ago, while I was watching how other sellers in my field of expertise had tons of positive reviews and orders, imagining how I could be like that, I decided to create a gig myself. And here I am! After more than 1k 5star reviews, I'm still level 2...yeah strange, everyone asks me why I'm not top rated yet...but still have my very, very old portfolio video, pictures and stuff on my gigs... I'm not lazy, I just have no enough time to make another... (and I really need to do it myself 😁)

In short, there is no magic formula to succeed on Fiverr. Just be professional as possible, deliver great work, follow the rules (TOS), be available for your buyers, and fiver will reward you, you can trust me. One of my best friends also dominates in his field (also art) by following these simple tips. So, great success is definitely possible here.

Thank you, Fiverr!


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