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Strange update

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HI. Today i noticed something new on the platform while searching for video editors. Under everyone's profile now you can see how much the charge for 1 min.In reality the price listed is based on their basic packages. Every seller is offering something else under "basic package" so the prices are not accurate and will turn down many buyers from certain gigs. Under one of the pro sellers it said 400 (1 min) but in reality her basic packages "400 usd" is for 4 min edit, with clean cuts and color correction.
I guess most of the buyers will look at this and think smith like this:
My videos is 3 min long, she charges 400 a min so 1200 usd in total ( way out of my budget) 
Do you think this new update is here to stay? and video editors need to change package description?
basic package 1 min
standard 2 min
premium 3 ? 
I added a screenshot which will help to understand what i am talking about :)


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Posted (edited)

If it's currently incorrect/misleading then they'll probably change it once they know. You could report it at the help desk if it's incorrect/misleading.

The first seller's gig listed is $60 basic package for up to 3 minutes so I don't know where it's getting the 1 minute from (maybe it's some minimum entered somewhere) and it does like misleading as it currently is.

It's also probably a test they're doing (like an A/B test) since it isn't showing like that for me/others yet.

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Its a new thing. Saw it today for the first time

On 5/4/2023 at 7:25 AM, uk1000 said:


I just wanted to point out that the "1 minute" part only appears if i view it on desktop not on mobile.
Let me know if u had a look using your phone or computer

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On 5/7/2023 at 3:59 AM, proconsultn2035 said:

Really strange. Not seeing it on my end though.

Basically its only comes up when i search "music video edit " or "music video editing" 
If i search video edit it just show From ..... and then the price of basic packages like it should be.
I see a lot of sellers in that category already changed there basic pack to one min but   jeah not every seller wants to do 1 min "video editing service"
I contacted customer support and they made sent it over to UI or UX team ( not sure who does what exactly 😄 so hopefully it will be changed soon.
also reached out to couple of friends and likewise (for some "1 minute" part is visible for some not) 


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This is in the Articles and Blog posts section too.

They round up the word count but the strange thing is they just take into account 5 different word counts, when people use way more. So they round things up based on your gig price. Which is not exactly that accurate in the first place. I am not ok with this either, since not everyone wants 500 words, some people want 400, 700, 800 words, these word counts are very common. Hopefully they add more options.

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