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Musically speaking...


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7 minutes ago, newsmike said:

...is there anything worse than a drum solo?

A Lemmy-after-three-bottles-of-Jack-on-a-blown-amp-without-protection-equipment-solo. 

But beyond that? No. 

But I do like Safri Duo. Does that count? 


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Mathematically speaking, 3 drum solos?

Aside from jokes, I believe any "solo" could be good/bad depending on it's purpose in the song. If the technique and articulations the soloist employs build upon the theme of the song and keep it interesting enough on the frequency spectrum and soundstage by itself, then I consider it a successful one.


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58 minutes ago, vickiespencer said:

Hey, @newsmike, I am married to a drummer, and I hear many drum solos played in our house. My favorite is Iron Butterfly - In A Gadda Da Vida. It is an oldie but a goodie. 



Good tune. It just seems like a guitar or sax solo are perfect, but a bass, flute or drum solo stops the song so everyone gets some spotlight. Some instruments are capable of being lead and others are meant to be support to those others.  Just my opinion. BTW, acapella is annoying as well. 

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Also, 'chipmunk' vocals pitching. (Sorry, Alvin, not a fan.)

And overly repetitive lyrics. (Appears frequently in some glitch hop, or drum and bass, or synth-wave.)

And "how fast can I play X song" dumb stunts. (Looking at you 'Flight of the Bumblebee.' Which is sad, because I like that song when it's played at the proper speed.)

It was just pointed out to me that the question could be taken in a different way.

"...is there anything worse [to play/perform] than a drum solo?" (Instead of "...is there anything worse [to listen to] than a drum solo?")

In which case I recall something about classical music that was said to be unperformable due to the notes being out of range.

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17 hours ago, newsmike said:

Some instruments are capable of being lead and others are meant to be support to those others.

This applies to the universe at large. 

17 hours ago, imagination7413 said:

Also, 'chipmunk' vocals pitching. (Sorry, Alvin, not a fan.)

Pitching can be acceptable. It depends on how it's used. I'm guessing you're not into Scooter. I'm a product of the times I grew up in. Smurfs can go to hell, though. 



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The following message has been approved by, but not necessarily endorsed through, the musicians union of America. Spoiler: Its not really a an actual union. It’s just a phone line wired to some hippies bedroom with an automated message of William Shatner rapping Rocket Man.

Of all the world’s most foul curses - none are so cruel as tennis elbow. It’s numbing grind gnaws on its victim’s tendon in a low - almost unnoticeable rhythm … only ceasing when, with the slightest movement of the arm, stabbing agony rips through your entire body - as though you were attacked by an 80’s horror villain.

And so be it. That’s where we’re at tonight. My left arm taped so heavily I could be used as a flotation device. Heaving large quantities of ibuprofen above my mouth like a baby bird and chewing them with the same enthusiasm you’d issue a tic - tac.

And what’s to be said about such a dumb brute injury anyways? How do we categorize an injury that only occurs while in the repeated act of attempting “healthiness?” And who are these people that acquire tennis elbow from actual tennis? Listen, small shorts: put down that racket and earn your tennis elbow the old fashioned way - by showing off at the gym.

Its in this spirit of torment that I come to you tonight. Though broken as I might be - I would never miss an opportunity to play the greatest hits for you. We’re going to need some old fashioned Mooch classics. It has to be a list. Some inappropriately laid jokes. Some of that cheap innuendo I so blatantly lather onto everything. A few ego fueled nods to my physique. And more than anything - utter absurdity.

Pain or no pain Mike - I would never not show up for the big game.

As you know, I was a professional traveling live performer starting at the age of four. And while that information can easily explain all my finer insanities - it’s also allowed me insight into some of the most disgusting of all the human behaviors. Here’s a list, from the stage perspective, of things that far exceed the annoyance of a drum solo: 

Things that more annoying than a drum solo 

1. That face the bass player makes when his one fan gives him a compliment.

2. Singers who raise their hand while they’re singing.

I’ve gotta song for you - it goes like this: 

The hand bone’s connected to the arm bone.”

You know what it’s not connected to? Your diaphragm. So stop raising your hand, no one is gonna call on you.

3. Your guitar player the very minute even one female recognizes that he exists.

4. That drunk lady that decides she has to tell me something. While I’m singing. While she stands next to me. On the stage. While falling over and grabbing my shirt. Who then asks for my phone number. From the floor

Every single gig

5. That weird move your keyboard player does when he acts like his equipment isn’t working. Dude we know you forgot the chords.

6. The girl who screams aggressively loud between every song.

Ma’am, if I wanted to hear you scream like that

I’d marry you and never put the dishes away properly.  

7. When your percussion player actually assumes his job is worth equal play.

I understand you’d like more money, Mr. Bongo player - but I brought a musical instrument and you brought a piece of furniture to thump. 

8. Women who yell “take it off” while I’m singing a ballad.

I will not be degraded, nor will I degrade the legacy of my musical heroes by converting my art into visual smut - all to warm you in your forbidden regions. 

Plus, you didn’t tip me.

9. That stupid head attached microphone your drummer wants to wear.

Drummers lets just agree to keep your microphone in the position where it belongs. The off position. 

And many, many more. I’ve had the excruciating luxury of seeing annoying musician behavior that could heat your eyes into a boil. And I can never unsee it. All of which was worse than a drummer’s lonely, needy, show halting, time killing drum solo.

But not by much. 

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Posed this question to some customers and coworkers. Responses so far: Accordion solos, "The Song that Never Ends", clarinet solos, bass guitar solos, violins, bass guitar solos (again), opera of any kind, acappella, flute solo, air guitar, long lyrics "where nothing is really being said", note replacement of pitch corrected meowing or barking...

Interesting observation, though, is that almost had exceptions after the response, where 'x' is a fairly blatent skill threshold. Weird Al Yankovic, Clif Burton, Rush, Pentatonix, Bohemian Rapsody, ect. 

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