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Hi Fiverr Community,

I'm reaching out in hopes of some guidance regarding my Fiverr account. My situation is a bit complicated, and I'm feeling quite worried.

Here's the breakdown:

  • Unfortunately, my account was previously restricted for violating Fiverr's terms of service by boosting reviews. I take full responsibility for this mistake and understand the importance of maintaining honest reviews on the platform.
  • Recently, while my account was already under restriction, I accidentally requested contact details from a buyer outside of the Fiverr messaging system. I deeply regret this action and completely understand that it goes against platform policies.

My Concerns:

  • I haven't received a specific reason for the initial restriction, but I did get an email stating my account is under review for 60 days before a final decision is made.
  • Now, with the accidental contact request, I'm extremely concerned about the possibility of losing my Fiverr account altogether.

Seeking Help:

  • Has anyone else experienced a similar situation with multiple violations?

I've learned a valuable lesson from these mistakes. Fiverr has been a great platform for me to offer my services, and I would be truly disappointed to lose access. Any advice or information from the community would be highly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and understanding.


Sharjeel khan

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Forum staff doesn't decide, the support team does. They gave you an answer about feedback boosting, and you need to wait for their decision. Unfortunately, I believe that your restriction will lead to a block.

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