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It would be great when buyers submit revision requests, they are given individual rows and fields to input their requests, so one request per row/field. Similar to how with milestones, there are different rows and fields for the milestones and you can add more rows and fields if you have more milestones you need to add.

This way, it can be more organized when the revision requests are delivered to the seller, rather than the revision requests just being sent as a long, run-on sentence (which is what most buyers send). It would also be helpful if the fields showed up as a checklist on the seller’s end and could be something the seller could check off on their end (which does not necessarily have to be viewable by the buyer, but similar to how the “star” feature works on the “manage orders” page so that the seller can possibly keep track of the revisions they are working on for the order. Or, it can be visible to the buyer so that the buyer can see what revisions have been done.

Attached is how it usually looks and attached is a very rough mockup of how it could look.



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