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I don't even know anymore....

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Maybe he saw you had game related gigs but didn't want an article created. He might have just wanted help with that game. Maybe he was searching in the wrong category.

I don't see why he would have needed the username for that though. Maybe he could have wanted to try to hack the account or something.

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Hmmm... that emoji there appears all the time on a spam template that many new accounts send as a "message". They are always sellers, but seem to blindly copy and paste a template, apparently, somehow (their English) thinking they are sending a pitch to a buyer. Anytime I see a message that starts with that emoji (and typically ends without a question or other punctuation mark), it's for the same text, just from different accounts.
Makes me think it's just another version of that template seller spam message, there may be templates for all kinds of categories... I don't think I ever got a message from an actual buyer that started with that emoji, in any case, and it would also explain why they don't even know themself why what they are asking is relevant.

Anyway, yes,


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