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Hi there! I'm a new seller here on Fiverr, and I specialise in proofreading and editing scientific papers. A bit of background about myself. I am a final year undergraduate studying medical science - also known as biomedical science, medical laboratory science, or laboratory medicine - at a renowned university in Dublin, Ireland. In less than a year, I will be a fully qualified & registered medical scientist, and a member of the Academy of Clinical Science and Laboratory Medicine. I am more than familiar with the art of scientific writing, and reading scientific journals on various databases such as PubMed and Embase. As part of my degree, I have critiqued several published papers, and have written my own papers in the areas of molecular diagnostics and pathology (haematology, clinical immunology, medical microbiology, cellular pathology, transfusion medicine and clinical chemistry). Not to mention, from Jan 2023, I will be conducting a research project in stem cells, and writing a thesis on it. I'd very much appreciate if you checked out my gig. 



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Good for you. You could lose your account if Fiver caught you proofreading or editing academic work. Many have come to the Forum to cry about that happening to them. You may get orders from students; if I am in doubt, I always ask, "Is this paper for academic work?" If it is, I tell them it is against TOS and decline to work with them. If the buyer places an order and you find out it is for academic work, you can contact CS, and they will cancel for you.


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Hi @henriettabongu_!

I was a food scientist for 17 years before I became a seller on Fiverr's platform. There's a need for good technical/scientific writers. 😊

I looked at your profile and gig and you are off to a great start! I also noticed you already talked with @vickiespencer about student work, so I'm glad you had that discussion.

Here are some other resources for you:

This is helpful for picking out relevant gigs and services to offer:


These are great tips for optimizing your business:


And this will help you understand how Fiverr operates:


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52 minutes ago, henriettabongu_ said:

Does anyone have any tips for me as to how I can attract buyers? I’ve already done the whole promoting on social media thing so something other than that, please.

Hi @henriettabongu_,

I noticed you haven't applied all the tips that were mentioned in the articles that I provided for you here:

For example, based on the articles I provided, here are some of the things you can do:

1. Update your gig image - the top text is cut off.

2. Add a gig video - Fiverr says this increases user engagement by 40%.

2. Include more portfolio samples of your work - use your 2 PDFs! This is how I got orders when I had zero reviews.

3. Write your bio and gig with the buyer in mind (less what you do and more how you are the solution to your buyers' problems).

4. Utilize all your gig extras (currently you have none included).

5. Utilize all 10 of your FAQs (you currently have 4). Convince buyers to order from you by answering all of their questions.

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