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why my gig impression suddenly dropping?


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Hi @mushaf09, Impressions look good but clicks are almost nonexistent. That means you need to make your gigs more attractive to your buyers. Buyers see your gigs in search but aren't clicking on them. Review your gig images, gig video, titles, and prices and update your gig cards so that they stand out from the rest of the gigs that buyers will see in search. Buyers will only take a second to make a decision on whether to visit your gig or not.

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There are not many impressions for your gigs, so that means you have to big changes to your entire gig. I suggest you change the description a little bit and play with the keywords. Most importantly, you should change the thumbnail image. Make it more attractive and eye catchy.

There are lots of suggestions for gig improvement in this forum. Please check.

Hope this will help.

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