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  1. Hello there! Below is the attached graph of my only gig :- Also I published a gig on the 3rd of January 2023, which now has been paused! Is it the creation of new gig which affected the impression rate of the previous one?
  2. Hey. I asked a question a few hours ago that's really bothering me. I would appreciate if someone could respond and help me understand the situation.
  3. Hello, I am a Level 2 Fiverr seller since 2019, at start I was getting many orders as my gig was showing at search results and some were at the first page but It's been a year I am not getting a single query even my gig is not showing in search result I even hire a SEO expert and made changes including gig images, I also created some new gigs but that still not getting impression and clicks and not even single query. Should I delete all my gigs and create new gigs using the same profile? Will it treat as a new gig and seller? I have heard fiverr give many opportunity to new sellers. Please kindly help me to grow more. Thank you
  4. Hello. My gigs impression has been going up in the past few days but I have no click despite the rate the impression is growing. Please what could be the problem, help.
  5. Hey, I discovered this community a while ago, and was pleasantly surprised😳 Is there really a community where people share their experiences and expertise 🤔??? Well, I'll get to the topic. I've been on Fiverr for a whole year. My services have been posted, but to no avail. I left Fiverr for a month, then came back and saw that a client had requested my service. I answered, but I missed my chance because I was late for it.😬 .. This is my story for a whole year, and I am here to sell my services, which I am working hard on, but to no avail, Sorry for the spelling errors.. Translated by Google, with my sincere regards See that before leave ; ] and some little advice ❤️
  6. Delivered 2 projects to the same client and I believe there is no reason to get a bad hidden review. Even the buyer was new and I was his first seller which brings more impression as Fiverr says
  7. Hi everyone. I am trying to figure it out which GIG cover is better - basic one that fits perfectly for desktop or optimised for mobile app. I wanted to find it in Overview under Analytics tab but there is no mention of Device Source for exact GIG. The thing is if I am making the gig cover according to recommendations, it being cut out by the edges when shown on mobile, that is from my point of view is pretty bad to impress the buyer. Looking forward to your ideas. Thank you!
  8. Hi everyone! First of all thank you for reading my question:) I was wondering how I can increase my impressions and activity on fiverr? I see many people who help here on fiverr and I wish to help as many people as I can with my knowledge.:) Maybe you can look at my gig and see if it needs to be optimized or changed? Please let me know if you have any tips😊
  9. I created my gig before 2month then I create 6 gigs on my account and my impressions and clicks went well suddenly impressions and clicks dropped. I attach before after image below
  10. I just started my first fiverr account 1 month ago and to be honest didn't expect to get a lot of orders but I haven't got anything. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong ?
  11. I have created 6 gig on fiverr. But there are very low impression on Fiverr. Recently I have created this gig https://www.fiverr.com/share/Qxm4pR This gig impression is better than previous gig, like per day, 30+. But it is very low. Please I need some tips to increase it.
  12. Firstly You have to research your tags, You need to create a good head line these two is your main stretegy .
  13. Hi Mates, I have a gig which is rank first page in different keywords at Fiverr but I am not getting order, click. Please give me some tips. Here is my gig : https://www.fiverr.com/share/z7YdWv -Thanks
  14. I don't know what's happening not getting good impressions. I have done several changes also and please let me know what are the average impression of these kind of gigs. here is my gig https://www.fiverr.com/share/eLDo1E
  15. Gig impressions are good, but clicks are low. But what should I do now??? pleas suggest me..
  16. I want to convert impressions into clicks, but how do I do that? This is my gig : https://www.fiverr.com/share/EY5gA8
  17. Hello, I hope someone can help me. I've been trying to reach out to fiverr support but I just keep on getting the same message from them. Few days ago, my gig got deranked from the first page to the 6th page after I edited my gig's description. I'm okay with it, not until after more than a week, I keep on getting 0 impressions (take note that I am receiving new orders from new buyers, so there is no way I get 0 impressions) I reported it to the support team. Luckily, after creating a ticket, the impressions got updated. But today and yesterday. I noticed that I don't received new messages anymore. I tried searching my gig and it is nowhere to be found even in "local sellers". I reached out to support team again, then I keep on receiving the same message that my gig is active and searchable, but IT IS NOT. I asked my friends to search my gig too, but they cannot find it anywhere on fiverr as well. Is there anyone here who can help me? I need real agent to answer my question on the ticket, but I think I'm just receiving an automated message and they are marking it as "SOLVED" already. It's so frustrating. Please help. My gig has 19 5 star reviews and one of the "best selling" on my niche. but now I cannot find it anymore.
  18. It's been a year all my gig's impressions started to score very low. Now I'm barely getting 1 impression for all my gigs. There is no any violations have occurred so far. Can anyone tell me what has happened and how do i fix this? Thanks.
  19. Hi. Yesterday(1 day before yesterday) my impression was about 602 but yesterday it shows my impressions to "0". Why did this happen? My gig is still ranking on the 1st page on all gig tags. I did not do any changes in my gigs. It shows "0" to my all gigs impressions. Anyone can explain
  20. Hi, All of a sudden zero impression in all my gigs, impression were normal yesterday too but today all zero. First time I faced that problem, What's wrong there? thanks.
  21. Are advertising in social media counted towards the impression count on the gig performance, or only on-site impressions? I was wondering if posting the fiverr link on social media, discord etc. and someone seeing this link is counted towards impressions. From my understanding it shouldnt be, because its only on site. Is my assumption correct?
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