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  1. I have created two Gigs & it's been a week but i got only 1 impression Gig & the other Gig has 0 impression. Please advice me that should i need to wait or there is something I'm doing wrong or missing. Please have a look at my gig and suggest me what should i need to do. https://www.fiverr.com/share/yjaz16 https://www.fiverr.com/share/Q9EeL6
  2. I am a new user. I opened my first gig two weeks ago. Till now, I have only got 128 impressions. How do I improve it? How do I SEO my gig? Please help me with this.
  3. Attention please! Attention please! I am a graphic designer. already I have completed 07 order successfully. However I received an order on 01/12/21 and started work. Unfortunately, I became very ill. Later I want time from the buyer, but the buyer says his work needs urgency so he can't extend the time. So I was forced to cancel the order by fiverr support team. Since the order was canceled, no buyer request or order has been coming under my important gig and at the same time the clicks and impressions have been decreasing. Please give me a suggestion, what can I do now or if I can do it again.
  4. Hi, I got the idea to create a website for my fiverr account. This is because when I buy a promo for my fiverr account, I will have a lot of impressions and few clicks and my concert will go down. But if I have a lot of impressions on the site and only a few people click on my fiverr account, there is a chance that they will buy my service. It's a good idea ?
  5. Hi sellers, I hope you will be fine. I have a simple issue, and waiting for your helpful reply. I am a COP. I do FREELANCING as my part time job. I have a call for ONE MONTH'S training outside the city. What should I do? - Should I enable Fiverr's "Out of Office" feature? - Or should I leave it "as it is"? I want to use Fiverr's Out of Office feature, but worried about loosing my score of IMPRESSIONS and CTR. As you can see my profile is new, and have started growth recently. What really should I do? Need your guidance 🙏❤️. Thanks
  6. I have a gig that focuses on Instagram & Facebook carousel. https://www.fiverr.com/share/32w0pk this is my gig. I passed a good amount of time. But didn't get any order. For this instant want to know from the expert what I need to do now.
  7. I made my first gig, but i don't any impression and click? is this normal, because i am new to fiverr, and i don't have much knowledge of fiverr. i am expert video editor so i posted my gig and yet i don't have any click.
  8. Dear All, Fiverr notify me for editing my old gig. Which have 4 reviews. After editing, there is no changes in impression and click. 48h hours have passed but same... What should i do? Does this affect on my other gig? Thank you
  9. Hello, From last week I have no order, no click, no impression! I have lost my one promoted gig after mistakenly canceled an order!! (then that gig was unqualified)!! Everything is going down.. just ZERO!! I have other gigs, and those are performed same suddenly, can't understand why?? ................................................. 🤕😞
  10. For last 2 days my all gig impression is zero. Whats the reason behind this. I have 5 active gig and all the gigs are ranked day by day but suddenly today and yesterday the gig impression is zero. Is this happen to any of you guys. Please leave your comment is anything happen to you.
  11. My gig always have a minimum impressions per day. But last two days its showing Just Zero. Is it a fiver Bug? I have check my gig. It is available in the 1st page in some keywords. Can anyone help me to get my gig performance
  12. Hello! When I opened up my fiverr gig page today, I was absolutely stunned, to see that I suddenly had 0 impressions! My gigs have always been doing fine but suddenly it all dropped to 0! If anyone can help me, please write a comment!
  13. Please stop thanking people on all these old threads as I have counted at least 3 or more you have done this to. This does NOT help you or your gigs
  14. Why's my gig not found in search? after setting up an attractive gig image and video. Also no gig impression. for an account of 4days. Y?
  15. How to add an impression, an impressin add depends on what it is and if you click on the gig, is there any other way?
  16. Hi, My gig click up but gig impression down,i can't understand why this problem my gig . I am 24 hours active on fiverr with try active for fiverr forum. Now what i can do?
  17. I became a level 1 seller in fiverr 4 months ago. No click, impressions since the level was reached. Today I have not received any order from any new buyer for 4 months. I have received 4/5 orders from the old buyer in these 4 months. What should I do now? Please help. Advance thanks. This is my profile. https://www.fiverr.com/andrewpopseo
  18. Hi every one how to up the impressions and clicks on the gigs..
  19. Hi friends i hope every one is fine. I have a simple question and that is how I get the impressions on my gigs. I am waiting for your responses. Thanks alot
  20. I've just joined Fiverr! I don't understand, How do I increase the impression on Fiverr?
  21. I joined Fiverr last month, at the beginning impressions were increasing but recently its not increasing that much what can I can do for that. I am sharing my gigs on social media media what else can I do?
  22. Hi friends i am keeping my fiverr account login maximum time but still my impression is not showing positive growth they are going towards downwards..How i can solve this...Kindly give your positive feedbacks on this i am waiting all of your positive suggestions.. Thanks
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