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There are no orders in my Fiverr account


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12 hours ago, faruquehusain_ said:

I am opening a new account on Fiverr for 15 days and only getting a few impressions but no clicks and orders so I want suggestions from all on what can I do to get clicks and orders?

Thank you all

Faruque Husain

15 Days!!!!!   I've had hangovers for longer than that........

You're in a marketplace with around 1 million sellers competing for customers. It's very naive to think that you can throw some gigs together and the money will just roll in.  You need to work on it and have patience.  Some freelancers have to wait months, even years for their first order, and you are no different to them.

Understand your business, the niche you work in, and think about how you can offer a market leading service.  This will take time and effort and will not be fixed in a few days! 

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