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In my fiverr profile, there is no buyer request and not showing.


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After level down from level 1 to new seller from this time in my profile there is no buyer request showing till now. I have searched every time to see the buyer request but doesn't show. I have checked every gig category and also sub-category.. All are okay..

plz give your hands expert friends 🥰

this is my profile link given below:-


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Hi @rakib__101, I see that you're a web designer so you might be interested in this post I wrote from a customer's perspective (to a web designer). Web designers have a lot of technical knowledge while their target buyers don't. So you'll have to remember that when writing your gigs:


I wouldn't depend on buyer briefs as a main source of orders. If your gig is not getting many impressions, most likely you won't be getting many briefs either. Both the marketplace and buyer briefs operate using smart algorithms to match buyers to the most relevant services. So if you aren't considered relevant in search, you probably won't be considered relevant for briefs either.

Your relevancy will be determined by your title, tags, gig descriptions, and seller performance. Make sure you are using keywords that your target audience will use when they look for you in search. The more you can speak to your target customers, the more relevant you will be in search. 

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