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What to do for new sellers on Fiverr?

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13 hours ago, romgraphic said:

What to do for new sellers on Fiverr? 

Every seller starts out the same way with no orders and no reviews.

Eventually over time, they start to get orders, slowly building up their reputation with good reviews and a growing portfolio of quality work samples.

13 hours ago, romgraphic said:

How can they get a job in a short period of time?

Fiverr isn't a get-rich-quick platform. Just like any business, it takes time to grow your business. Some sellers get their first order quick and for others, it can take months:


13 hours ago, romgraphic said:

Can you get a job just by making a gig, or can you get it in other ways?

That would be the first step. You can't make any money on Fiverr until you publish your gigs.

If you want to promote through social media, feel free to. I've never promoted my gigs through social media and my Fiverr business is doing well without it.

The forum is a great place to learn how to grow your Fiverr business. Here are some articles to get you started:




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